Monday, July 19, 2010

Cruising the Web

The WSJ explains why we don't need to put a lot of faith in the recent report clearing the scientists in the Climategate scandal. If anything came out of that whole episode was underlining the need for more transparency in how these scientists are reaching their conclusions, not sharing their data, and slanting their research.

Joe Biden says that if it weren't for those parsimonious Maine ladies (and Arlen specter) the stimulus package would have been even bigger. Oh, great. Ed Morrissey has some of the Obama quotes about how getting about $800 was just right.

Ross Douhat reports on a recent study
showing that of the students applying to highly selective universities, the groups who are most disadvantaged in being admitted are working class and rural white students. And the extracurricular activities that might work against a student's chances of admission are being leaders in groups like R.O.T.C., 4-H clubs, and Future Farmers of America. Being a leader in an extracurricular is usually a plus for applicants unless the student is a leader of a group that the elite universities looks down upon. And true diversity is not what these colleges want - they're still just interested in bean-counting by race.

Robert Samuelson looks at the disaster that is the Massachusetts health care system. Remember, this is the model for Obamacare.

Bob Schieffer didn't ask Eric Holder about dropping the New Black Panther Party case because he says he didn't know anything about it. Michelle Malkin reminds us of how Charlie Gibson didn't know anything about the ACORN scandal. I remember how Tim Russert used to say that his method for interviewing politicians was to try to ask each person what that politician's opposition would have asked them. Clearly these so-called journalists can't be bothered even taking a peek at the conservative press to get an idea of what is being said about Democratic groups so that they can be au fait about controversies concerning liberals. And they can't assign anyone on their staff to do such dirty work for them. So they continue to skate along asking about the conventional wisdom without a clue about any other stories that might be out there and just not have cracked the MSM. Such is their bubble.