Friday, July 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

John Fund thinks that the momentum for the Democrats to try to push through their liberal wish list in a lame-duck session is growing. The Democrats in the House are planning to leave town a month earlier than usual. They figure they can't get through their priorities before the elections so are hoping to get them through afterward. That Scott Brown victory denying them 60 votes in the Senate will again loom large to block their efforts.

Chris Christie is considering plans to privatize a bunch of state services. He'd be following in the steps of Mitch Daniels in Indiana. People are upset about the idea of private businesses handling car inspections. Gee, come down to North Carolina. It works very smoothly here to drop into any corner gas station and get the inspection rather than going to a special state shop.

Ed Morrissey
links to this story about how Rhode Island, based simply on an executive order from the governor, has been doing for years what Arizona's immigration law just instated. In Rhode Island, if a state trooper stops someone for a traffic violation and they suspect the person is here illegally, they ask to see his papers and will report illegal immigrants to U.S. Immigration. I'm sure that Eric Holder and Barack Obama are going to go on the road any day now to criticize Rhode Island and bring a suit against them.

Does anyone doubt that the same president who was making backroom offers to help out Arlen Specter and Michael Benet in Chicago and was buying off congressmen to get their votes on health care was somehow above the cesspool that is politics in Illinois?

Jack Balkin has a post about the federal judge's decision yesterday striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. The judge used 10th Amendment to say that marriage is a state responsibility. (h/t the Gay Patriot as well as David Kopel at Volokh) It would be amazing if such an interpretation was held up - you mean that there are still in this country some things that are state responsibilities? What would such an interpretation say for the challenges to ObamaCare?

E.J. Dionne chides the Democrats
how they responded to Michael Steele's dumb statement about Afghanistan being Obama's war. And Ruth Marcus faces the reality that overtaxing the rich isn't the answer. She wasn't impressed with the responses of Rich Trumka, the head of AFL-CIO, about how the government is going to pay for everything. Some liberals seem to be waking up.

Typical - The Obama administration informed al-Jazeera first about the President's new mission for NASA to be reaching out to the Muslim world before they informed Congress.

Check out the new proposed logos for NASA.

Peggy Noonan looks back a year to the emergence of the angry crowds at townhall meetings. She reminds us that there is something distinctly American about constituents telling their elected officials what they think about the job they're doing in Washington.

The WSJ reports that the Democrats on the Senate Energy Committee just voted a rebuke to Obama by approving their own "independent" commission to investigate the BP disaster and that they stressed that they wanted people on the commission with technical expertise unlike Obama's choices for his commission who all come out of the environmental movement and are on the record opposing oil-drilling.


SPN Headines said...

President Obama says his bold plan to land men on the moon won't be as dangerous as it sounds - the trip will be made AT NIGHT. Deets are at:

Peace! :-)

Locomotive Breath said...

Now if we could just get the state of NC out of the liquor business.

Bachbone said...

PA car inspections have been handled the same as yours for at least 7 decades, Betsy, and done just fine. Incidentally, I have heard that there is no statistically significant difference in accident rates between states requring car inspections and those not requiring them. If that is true, the requirement becomes merely another tax under the guise of "public safety."

Pat Patterson said...

It would be nice if even Gov Christie mentioned some of the places in the US that have privatized or in the case of contract cities never had public services. Lakewood, California, a suburb of LA/LB, was started as a contract city and except for permits and parks all city services are either run by private companies or in the case of police and fire by county services. Who do a much better job and don't require expensive budgets to maintain infrastructure.

John A said...

About non-Federal law enforcement notifying Feds about illegal border-crossers, not only does it make the same sense as local cops notifying the FBI about bank robbers and kidnappers, it has been Federal policy to ask locals to do so - and provide support, such as access to Fed databases - for decades:

"Under a little-known federal program called ICE 287(g), the administration has continued to enlist at least eight Arizona state law-enforcement agencies to carry out the procedures at issue in the new Arizona law, which goes into effect July 29.

The program dates to a 1995 law signed by President Bill Clinton, which allows US immigration officials to train local law-enforcement officers and authorize them to ID and detain illegals. After 9/11, the Homeland Security Department entered into official partnership agreements with various police departments, allowing them to search federal databases for illegals."

tfhr said...

Peggy Noonan has been a frequent and all too often unreasonable critic of things Palin and Tea Party.

In her column mentioned here by Betsy, Noonan observes, "Much has happened in the dense and shifting political landscape of the past 18 months". True. Though she does not mention it, one thing that happened is that Noonan has abandoned her habit of ingratiating herself to Barack Obama.

She has played the role of Washington DC cocktail party weather vane quite well. I guess the parties aren't as fun anymore or maybe she got tired of serving drinks and parking cars but I'm pretty much through with Noonan. Her best days are behind her. Make way for Palin, Cantor, Ryan, Daniels, etc.