Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Pot - meet kettle

This is too funny. The hypocrisy of Bill Clinton is awe-inspiring.
ormer President Clinton has sent out a fundraising letter on behalf of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee under his own name warning that Republicans are trying to "derail' President Obama's agenda.

Not much unexpected there.

But along with the letter, Clinton has included a flyer from the DSCC that's bound to raise eyebrows.

"DSCC funds go towards efforts to unseat far-right Republican senators like admitted sinner David Vitter..." the flyer says, referring to the Louisiana senator who admitted patronizing a prostitution service when he was in the House.
Why choose Bill Clinton as your tool in going after David Vitter's adultery? And can you imagine if any Republican talked about his opponent as a "sinner?"

Weren't we told all throughout the Lewinsky scandal that extra-marital affairs are just private behavior and have nothing to do with how we should view a politician's public acts? I guess that only applies to Democratic sinners.


Pat Patterson said...

The message here is that Vitter is a loser because he had to pay. While Clinton never inhaled and never paid.

Bachbone said...

Did the DSCC appeal contain a picture of Slick Willie carrying his Bible, biting his lower lip and praying with Jesse "New York City is Hymietown" Jackson?

Locomotive Breath said...

Clinton didn't pay because sometimes he did it whether the woman wanted it or not.

tfhr said...

I guess Clinton thought he was in the clear by saying he did not impale though his actual CRIME was PERJURY, for which he was IMPEACHED and later DISBARRED.