Monday, June 07, 2010

More bloopers from the AP US History exams

My friend keeps posting some of the bloopers that kids wrote on the exam. Here are some more for your enjoyment.
QUESTION 2: Deals with the factors that led to America's victory in the Revolutionary War.
- (entire essay) The political, diplomatic, and military reasons were as follows: we were better, stronger, and smarter than them.
- As the angry parent, Britain wanted to straighten America out, not spank it.

QUESTION 3: Deals with the role of slavery in causing the Civil War.
- California secretly became an independent state.
- John Brown viciously attacked a man named Harper at an event known as Harper's Fury.
- After the Confederates bombed Fort Sumter, it was on like Donkey Kong.
- Whites were angry after James Brown's martyrous raid in Kansas.

QUESTION 4: Deals with the role of women in causing reform during the Progressive era (1880-1920).
- *Carrie Nation carried out smashings and hatchetations.
- *Betty Friedan's book "The Mystic Feminine"....
- *In 1907, women gained their suffrage by abolishing the 16th Amendment.
- *Margaret Singer invented the sewing machine.
- *Women were encouraged to join the Army, throw up their hair, and show a little leg.
- *Since women did not have the right to vote, all they could do was try to spay their husband's opinion at home and hope he would vote her way come election time.
- *Women were meant to mend the children.
- *Husbands dressed up their wives and paraded them around.
- *The women's constant nagging and pestering finally paid off.
- *Without women's suffrage, I would probably not be able to write this essay. I would be married, at home, taking care of my kids, and cooking my husband dinner.
- *The Progressive era saw the development of the light bulb, the telephone, and the television.
- During this time, Lespians came out of their nests.
- Of course with no saloons to visit after a long day at work, husbands had no choice but to go home to their crazy radical wives.
- People were terrified by what they saw in the Gelded Age.
- Women wanted to choose the type of meat they put in men's sandwiches. Lucretia Mott even wrote a book about this subject, but the sandwiches lacked sufficient meat. Men were not amused one bit.
- Prostitution declined during this time. Who needed prostitutes when flappers were giving it away for free?
- Women's attitude changed from "nag, nag, nag" to "reform, reform, reform."
- Women are social creatures, as evidenced by their tennis outings and book clubs.
- Jane Addams satisfied people who were poverty-stricken.
- Jane Addams founded Full House in Chicago.
- Jane Addams founded the settlement houses, then told her husband John to remember the ladies.
- Factory machines were very dangerous. Women's big hair got caught in the machinery, leading to scalps of hair torn from heads, clothes ripped from bodies, and limbs on the floor.
- Betty Friedan was concerned over unwanted pregnancies, and wrote a book called "The Feminine Mistakes."
-- These women were listed by various students as Progressive reformers: Sarah Palin, Oprah, Geraldine Ferraro, Lady Bird Johnson, Carrie Bradshaw, Sylvia Plath, Grace Metalious, Mother Theresa

QUESTION 5: Deals with the importance of population shifts (suburbanization, immigration, Sunbelt) after WWII.
- Suburbanization led to infidelity in homes.
- The 1950s backlash to immigration was called naturalism.
- Millions moved west during the Dust Ball.
You know that James Brown was the hardest working man in U.S. history.

I love how their opinions of women reformers emerges in their answers. I think I've had several male students who felt the same way as some of these students. I just hope they knew better than to write that in their essays!