Monday, June 07, 2010

Let's send Helen Thomas to a happy, hate-filled retirement

Helen Thomas is finally getting the response that she has richly deserved for years. This time it's for her remarks saying that the Jews in Israel should go back to Poland and Germany. Apparently, it's slipped her mind what happened to the Jews the last time they were major populations in Poland and Germany. She's tried to weasel out of her remarks and say that they don't reflect what she really thinks. Come on. Are Fleischer said what many more are thinking - she should lose her job over this. But the White House Correspondents' Association is trying to weasel out from taking any sort of action.
"She doesn't speak for the WHCA," said White House Correspondents' Association President Ed Chen. "Her views are hers alone. And now she's apologized. Policing the views of opinion columnists can start us all all down a path that history suggests is best avoided."
Oh, sure. And a journalist who said it would be better for all concerned if African-Americans returned to Africa or Hispanic-Americans returned to Mexico or wherever would get the same sort of mealy-mouthed response and respect for an apology after the uproar. Good for Lanny Davis for making that exact point. It appears that her booking agency has refused to represent her. Imagine that there are people who paid to hear her come talk. Joe Klein wants just to send her to the back of the room. Will Robert Gibbs and President Obama call on her anymore? What about questions that she might have regarding the Middle East? Will they answer those so we can get more interrogations like this?

The Media Research Center has a file
of Helen Thomas comments expressing her hatred for Republican presidents and Israel. She herself said in 2000 that she wakes up and asks herself "Who do I hate today?"

Now everyone knows. Does Hearst Newspapers want to continue employing this woman. Let her retire and marinate happily in her hatreds.


tfhr said...

I think it's high time that Helen Thomas and Robert Byrd get together. She's still probably only half his age but with his undying racist, hateful KKK connections and her vile, anti-Semitic soul, their love could bloom in a way that would make America's left wing all misty-eyed.

Traffic Ticket Team said...

Very Interesting.

Skay said...

The Obama administration has made Helen quite comfortable expressing her hateful true feelings -- she thought she was just among her anti Israel MSM friends.
I remember her saying that she considers herself a Liberal --

Helen has retired--finally. I am sure she will now be available for interviews so we may still have to hear from her.

Pat Patterson said...

An HL Menken she was not!

tfhr said...

Pat Patterson,

HL Mencken, no, but a strong resemblance to Al Franken on a bender.