Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cruising the Web

I guess these two Census workers who made up their own answers on 10,000 forms have a future registering voters for ACORN>

Michael Barone looks at the polls in battleground districts this year and notes that the Democrats are doing poorly in mostly-white battlegrounds. John Fund makes the connection to racial gerrymandering. In building majority-minority districts, those drawing district lines had to dilute surrounding districts of reliable Democratic voters. In addition to the minorities who get elected, the Republicans are the beneficiaries of such racial gerrymandering. Another consequence is that the minorities who get elected are much more extreme than they'd be if they had to respond to a district that hadn't been gerrymandered.Now that whites have proven that they will vote for a black candidate - witness Barack Obama's election or the victory of Tim Scott in South Carolina's primary, isn't it time that everyone would benefit if we got rid of such racial bean counting?

Randy Barnett writes in the WSJ
about Justice Thomas's concurrence in the McDonald v. Chicago gun case and Thomas's willingness to revisit the Privileges and Immunities Clause. Read Barnett's explanation of why Thomas's opinion excites those who believe that the Supreme Court unjustly buried that Constitutional clause in 1873 and that it is time to resurrect the clause. Barnett points out that sometimes the fifth vote in a concurring opinion can become the determinative opinion as, for example, Justice Powell's concurrence in the Bakke decision formed the foundation for using diversity for affirmative action. Barnett is hopeful that Thomas's concurrence citing the Privileges and Immunities Clause in McDonald will serve the same role. I am very skeptical of that. The only opinion which matters is that of Justice Kennedy who seems to always be in the majority of any 5:4 decision. Does anyone doubt that Thomas would not have gone along with the majority on the Second Amendment? He was not the swing justice on that decision. As on so much else, Kennedy's vote is the one which matters. We're all just living in Justice Kennedy's world.

Michelle Malkin has a devastating list of all the ways in which the Obama administration, at all levels, has been avoiding transparency. It's quite an ominous list even if Obama hadn't made one of the hallmarks of his campaign about how he was going to bring back honesty and transparency to government while avoiding the dire influence of special interests. Yeah, right. This latest story about how White House aides are evading transparency by meeting lobbyists at coffee houses so that their names won't appear on White House visitor logs is just one more tear in the veil of honesty in which Obama tries to cloak his administration.

Carol Platt Liebau explains why it is so deleterious to our form of government if the Democrats plan to cram through bills that they can't pass now in a lame duck session where outgoing Democrats feel free to go against their constituents' wishes once they've already lost election.

A new study by
the Institute for Energy Research says that we would lose half a million jobs over the next five years if the Kerry-Leiberman cap-and-trade bill were enacted. And each household would face an average of over a thousand dollars if it passes. And the burden would fall much more heavily on lower income and elderly households. Remember, that's one of the bills that they're discussing cramming through in a lame duck session.

Michael Hirsh at Newsweek explains how the Dodd-Frank financial bill will maintain the status quo and reward the biggest banks. Basically, we'll now be on the hook for bailing out the biggest banks as they will be regarded as too-big-to-fail and now they'll essentially be government sponsored entities just like Fannie and Freddie. Did you expect anything better from a bill written by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank?

Here's a funny example of Harry Reid sending the chairman of his campaign steering committee over to pretend to be just a regular citizen protesting Sharron Angle. Talk about Astroturf! Can you imagine if it turned out that a GOP senator were doing that?