Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cruising the Web

Daniel Henninger advises future presidents that they have to be even more aware of how the new media is shaping politics than either Obama and Bush have been. Bush tried to ignore the new media, but Obama was supposedly the master of the new media. But his response to the oil spill showed less than a keen grasp of how the echo chamber of the media would play this.

Jonah Goldberg takes on the loony idea that the New York Times had an article about last week about how schools were discouraging children from having best friends because it might make school dynamics more difficult. Goldberg slams this thinking down and, as a benefit, cites one of my favorite movies "Searching for Bobby Fischer."

Law schools are searching for ways to help their graduates find jobs. One idea - just give every student a higher GPA ex post facto. Yeah, that'll work.

What is CNN thinking of in pairing Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker to go against O'Reilly and Olbermann? Such a show might work, but it has to have hosts that people of each side want to watch. Are there many liberals out there squirming to know what Client Number Nine has to say on politics today? Are there many conservatives who like Kathleen Parker that much? She is most known for her criticisms of conservatives and derision towards Sarah Palin. If the hosts aren't ones who have a big fan base among their own ideological base are they going to pull in any kind of audience? There are plenty of other ideologues out there who are much more popular among their own base. Are they all already signed up by Fox and MSNBC?

Doug Ross has a good laugh
about Nancy Pelosi using her fear of the GOP gaining seats and initiating investigations of the Obama administration to raise money. All she has is fear.

Weasel Zippers notes that has scrubbed its website of the General Betray-us ad. Now that he's the pick of The One?

Just what Germany needs: George Soros telling them that they need to spend more money or just leave the Euro.

Joel S. Gehrke notes
that it was Ken Salazar who ensured his problems with the federal judge by including the phony recommendation of the experts supporting the moratorium in his pleading before the court one day after he'd acknowledged that moratorium section of the report had been prepared after the experts had signed off on it.


tfhr said...

I've corresponded with Kathleen Parker in the past but find myself reading her columns less frequently now. She was always pretty descent with replies but the tone she takes with Palin is vexing more often than not.

That Spitzer landed on CNN just shows how desperate the network is to generate some sort of buzz. It's sad that Parker will be saddled with him and I'm afraid the association may do her some harm.

The bottom line is that I will not watch CNN for their bias and even more so for their lack of ethics as exemplified by the Arnett hatchet piece in which CNN ultimately claimed that the United States used poison gas on POWs. Of course it doesn't stop there - CNN's cozy agreement with Saddam Hussein makes you wonder how low they will go for access. One has to wonder what the quid pro quo was when they aired al Qaeda videos showing American soldiers being killed.

But I guess if they carry Eason Jordan as long as they did, it should be no surprise to anyone that they would hire a scumbag like Spitzer.

ic said...

"Kathleen Parker most known for her criticisms of conservatives and derision towards Sarah Palin."

Isn't that how she becomes the liberals' darling, a token conservative to counter the rabid right wingers' charges of liberal bias against CNN? Wasn't that the same way David Brooks got his job at NYT to "balance" NYT's leftward slant? Ideologues would rather their ships sunk than let the "wrong" people on board to help them bail.

ic said...

General Betray-us?

Haven't you heard, he's General Pray-for-us?

equitus said...

Spitzer may be on a similar career arc as that other form john Jerry Springer. Oh joy.

Rick Caird said...


Parker lost it when she moved from the Orlando Sentinel to the WaPo. We can guess she didn't like not being invited to the better parties. So, she became the token "almost conservative" in the WaPo stable.

Bachbone said...

Pelosi had better enjoy weilding her gavel while she has it, because in addition to the fact that the party in power almost always loses seats next election, practically every poll now shows voters, including Independents and many Democrats, are fed up with Obama's policies and job performance, and with her highness, Pelosi, herself. She's whistling past the graveyard.

Re: law schools inflating grades - it's nice to see a few JDs suffering the slings and arrows other graduates suffer. Perhaps word will get out to dear ol' dad that going into hock for a $150,000 degree was a waste?

tfhr said...

Rick Caird,

Exactly. Or as tank crews say: "Target. Cease fire." Good shooting.

I really used to enjoy reading Parker's columns. She is a gifted writer but somewhere along the line I started to get the feeling that she was writing for acceptance within those elite media circles that tend to dismiss the rest of us.

It does work both ways.