Friday, June 18, 2010

Cruising the Web

Gosh, that was a disappointing end to the NBA Finals. I was so hopeful that the Celtics would pull it off. At least watching the game while reading Bill Simmons' live-chat during the game made it more worthwhile. I could read Simmons live-chatting his tax returns and be amused. However much I was pulling against Kobe Bryant, I don't get all this talk about how his "legacy" has taken a hit. In the long run, will one game matter all that much any more than Magic Johnson's mistakes in the 1984 finals tarnished his legacy. But I did enjoy MJ's son's tweet about his father and Kobe as well as one of the commenters on Simmons' chat who said it was time now for MJ to make another "I'm the best so the rest of you can just stick it" speech at the Hall of Fame.

What could be more fun than a catfight between Keith Olbermann and Daily Kos? The Kossacks dared to complain about Olby knocking Obama's speech - can't knock The One - and so he's taking his marbles and going home. Hee hee.

John Kerry is trying to do his lamest best to try to explain away the inconvenient fact that Spain's efforts to fund green jobs has been an absolute bust. Reality is no bar to Kerry's blabbering. Ed Morrissey takes him down.

This Alvin Greene story is just too much fun. Ann Coulter also has a lot of fun with it.

The Taliban are running suicide schools
for children. What type of people are these?

Wow. Joe Barton certainly lacks all political sense. When the story is all about Bp and the administration's mishandling of the spill, he turned it in a few minutes to a story about himself. He may have had a point about how suspicious the fund is that the administration will be administering - Feinberg is not an independent administrator, but part of this administration - but this was not "a tragedy of the first proportion" and who is he to be apologizing to BP? What a doofus. He had a point about the White House's strong-arming of BP, but he made it ineptly and in the wrong venue and gave the media an opportunity to make the story about the GOP and Barton instead of the spill and how the administration is handling it.

For example, here is a story that demonstrates how poorly the government is set up for this sort of thing sometimes. The Coast Guard halted the barges that Jindal had ordered for sucking up the oil because the EPA couldn't figure out if there were enough fire extinguishers on board. He tried to reach the White House to overrule the Coast Guard, but it took more than 24 hours to get it straightened out. Alabama is also having problems - the ocean boom he ordered was sent to Louisiana instead. I guess the President is too busy making nice with liberal pundits and TV personalities like Rachel Maddow to clear things up down in the Gulf when there are conflicts between the various agencies involved.

Contrary to all Obama's claims, including telling Stephanapolous, "I absolutely reject that notion,"the administration has been forced to argue that the individual healthcare mandate is actually a tax. They have to pretend now that it is a tax in order to get around the fact that Congress doesn't have the power to issue such a mandate. As Philip Klein writes, "Put another way, the administration is now arguing in federal court that Obama signed a massive middle-class tax increase, in violation of his campaign pledge."