Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cruising the Web

Surprise, surprise. Chris Matthews comes up with a very biased documentary on the "New Right." Would we expect anything more from Matthews and MSNBC?

Stuart Rothenberg pokes
holes in the thesis that this is an anti-incumbent year. Yes, some incumbents have lost primaries, but there were special circumstances for those elections. In general, most incumbents cruised to easy victories in their primaries. He concludes that this year will not be an anti-incumbent year, but a Republican wave election.

Phyllis Chesler
and Mark Steyn note the relative silence in the MSM about honor killings against women in the western world. For shame on the media.

It cost a lot of money to rescue Abby Sunderland from her ill-conceived attempt to sail around the world, but that is the price that countries pay to rescue those in trouble at sea. Countries in the Southern Hemisphere end up spending a lot more than those in the Northern Hemisphere because they have so much more ocean to cover.

Timothy Carney has the dismaying statistics about which interest group is spending the most to sway public policy.
Government employee unions — through their employees and political action committees — have contributed more money to congressional candidates this election than all the PACs, executives and employees of the entire oil industry, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. Because 92 percent of public-employee union money goes to Democrats, President Obama’s party has raised more money from these unions this cycle than Republicans have raised from Wall Street.

Along the same lines, local and state governments have spent more on lobbying this year than the health insurance industry or defense contractors.

By any measure, local and state governments and public sector unions are an entrenched special interest. By any measure, they are also the prime beneficiary of President Obama’s latest $50 billion spending proposal.
Isn't it sweet that these broke state and local governments still spend big bucks to make sure that the federal government gives them even bigger bucks.

John Fund has more questions
about why the President won't suspend the Jones Act.

The Obama administration is planning to push through
its energy cap-and-tax bill in a lame duck session after the election when Democratic senators might not be so worried about jeopardizing their reelection because they will have already lost. Jim Geragthy suggests that voters try to pin down those Democrats now about how they'd vote on the bill. Oh come on. As if any promise made during the election would bind these people after the votes are in, especially ones who had been voted out and could vote their liberal proclivities.

Gosh, South Carolina is adding a lot of fun to this year's election. Jon Stewart is quite funny on the Alvin Greene story.
Alvin Greene Wins South Carolina Primary
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His ridicule pinpoints the stupidity of the allegation that the GOP engineered the whole Al Greene candidacy. As if the South Carolina GOP could engineer anything - they're too busy trying to torpedo Nikki Haley's candidacy for governor. And why would they even bother doing anything in the Democratic primary to pick a patsy to be roundly defeated by Jim DeMint who is going to cruise to victory this November. All the Democrats were doing was picking who was going to be rolled over by the DeMint victory parade. Why shouldn't it be an unemployed guy living with his parents who can't even figure out why he spent $10,000 to get into the race? Did the Democrats have anyone better? Apparently not.