Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cruising the Web

The administration seeks to get around the rule of law in the Gulf. The WSJ details all the ways that, in their desire to demonize BP, the administration is violating established liability laws. If Obama's idea for a separate escrow account administered by one of his appointees is set up, look for the administrator to approve his legally fragile idea that BP should pay for those hurt by his own moratorium on deep water drilling.

What is it with these parents? First it was the balloon boy's family who wanted to cash in on their hoax to get a reality series and now we find out that sailboat girl's family had the same goal. The real difference is that they allowed to her to really go out and endanger herself. Is this really what the reality show craze has degenerated into: people endangering or lying about their children in order to get on TV? It's a sad, sad development.

John Podhoretz rips apart Obama's false analogy between the BP oil spill and 9/11. It's the difference between deliberate murder as an act of war and a tragic accident.

Byron York makes a serious allegation - that the Obama Energy Department was so focused on wind energy and other green sources of energy that they neglected their responsibilities in overseeing oil drilling.

Anne Applebaum calls the Obama efforts to sound tough in bashing BP "pathetic" and "dangerous."

Howard Kurtz says that Helen Thomas's colleagues did her a disservice by failing to rein her in. He does David Brinkley a disservice by even mentioning him in the same story as Helen Thomas.

Mona Charen had a great alternative
as to what Obama should have said last night. Sadly, he would never recognize the truth in her words.

Some California communities vote against unions. May it be the beginning of a larger trend.