Monday, June 14, 2010

Cruising the Web

A study demonstrates that pork brought back to a congressional district actually affects employment negatively. The government spending supplants private investment. So not only do we have to spend more taxpayer money for all the pork, but it also raises unemployment.

One fan recommends
invoking the Obama rule to put Stephen Strasburg directly into the Hall of Fame. If Obama could get the Nobel Peace Prize before he'd actually done anything, surely Strasburg deserves the HoF for actually doing something.

Rick Hess explains why the New York City teachers union has to spend $183,603 to maintain an office in Boca Raton, Florida. There are so many retirees down there and so they need to spend all that money to serve those folks. And the retirees also get first call on extra jobs outside the school day like coaching or teaching summer school. That's just one small item in the union accounting sheet. They spend $33 million on their own payroll of 630 employees. I'm sure that all those teachers forking over their dues feel that this is money well spent. And they appreciate the money going to ACORN to help them organize protests at the opening of a charter school.

Social Security has had a negative cash flow
for the first half of 2010.

Civil war on the left!
I thought that it was only conservatives who could have a destructive civil war.

Hmmm, why won't Obama waive the Jones Act which requires that all commercial activity in U.S. waters be on U.S.-flagged ships? Then we could accept all of the help that other countries have offered in the Gulf. Other presidents have waived the law in emergencies. George W. Bush waived it after Katrina. Could it really be that he just doesn't want to anger the unions? Surely he wouldn't put the demands of the unions over the the needs in the Gulf, would he?

The United Nations wants the world to go vegan. Fuggedaboutit!

Oh, this will work out well. Governor David Paterson wants New York to borrow $6 billion from its pension fund in order for the state and communities to pay their bills for pensions today. Got that? They're borrowing money from the pension fund to pay debts in the pension fund. He's betting that the economy will pick up so much that they'll be able to pay that back. Sure that will happen. They did this back in 2004 and 2005, when the state borrowed $655 million from the pension fund and it still owes more than $400 million. And now they've replaced the 'm' with a 'b' as they plan to borrow 6 billion. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

Steven Malanga has
some scary information on municipal debt that has begun piling up to frightening levels.

At E21 they wonder
when the "new era of responsibility" begins.

Ed Morrissey mocks how Obama wants to spend $50 billion to bail out the same state employee jobs that were supposedly bailed out with the last bailout package. Even the Democrats are balking at this one.