Friday, June 11, 2010

Cruising the Web

Jennifer Steinhauer, writing in the NYT, thinks that Carly Fiorina's open mic gaffe making fun of Barbara Boxer's hair will harm Fiorina in the campaign by making her seem catty. I thought that the part of her open mic monologue that made her look especially bad was her musings on why Meg Whitman would go on Hannity because he was such a difficult interview. Please. When Hannity interviews a Republican his interviews consist of his stating his strong opinion about how idiotic, corrupt, and disastrous the Democrats are and then asking the Republican how much she agrees with him. If Fiorina regards that as "not an easy interview" then she is in deep danger. So she made fun of Boxer's hair in a private moment with her staff. It's not nice, but people just don't care about that sort of thing. I'm sure Fiorina would be happy to put the video of her gaffe up against the video of Boxer demanding that she not be called Ma'am. Or Boxer's statement on the Senate floor that carbon pollution will be "over the next 20 years the leading cause of conflict, putting our troops in harm's way."

Byron York has uncovered that the Labor Department had so little knowledge of what a "green job" is that it had to solicit suggestions for a definition. This despite, as Senator Charles Grassley has pointed out the Department of Labor has announced that it has given out hundreds of millions of dollars to provide "green jobs." And the stimulus has $80 billion in it to promote economic recovery by developing green jobs and the Labor Department doesn't even know what that is.

Peter Wehner points
out that President Obama made several initial errors as he entered office and he's paying the price now. He believed that the problems we faced in international relations were simply due to Bush's confrontational attitudes towards the rest of the world. He assumed that the way to fix the economy was to increase government spending and increase the reach of government. And he believed that his mere presence as president would change the world. If Obama wants to succeed as president, he needs to acknowledge his initial errors and alter his course.

The oil spill is coming back to bite Obama who campaigned by blaming George W. Bush for everything bad that went wrong thus providing the perception that a president is responsible for everything that goes on.

Kirsten Powers warns that labor and the left will continue revolting against the Democratic Party when it is running somewhat moderate candidates of whom the leftists don't approve. From her mouth to God's ears.

Here's some good news. Being grumpy helps you focus and think more carefully.

Obama is cubic zirconia.
There's a lot to that metaphor. Ross Kaminsky then goes on to explain how ridiculous it was for Obama to act as if, as president, he was responsible for something totally outside his control such as plugging the leak in the Gulf. But a man with Obama's view of government cannot admit that there is anything the government can't control. As Daniel Henninger writes that the power of the federal government has been exposed as the Wizard of Oz.

Of course, it might help if the Obama administration had been willing to accept help from the Netherlands when it was offered three days after the explosion. Instead they waited seven weeks to accept their help with skimming booms to remove oil from the water. It turns out that we need to change a law, the Jones Act, that requires that all goods in US waters be carried by US-flagged ships. That should be something that, with Obama's leadership, could have been sped through Congress to give the president to power to suspend the Jones Act in such an emergency. But that wasn't how Obama approached the crisis. Instead of searching for an ass to kick, perhaps Obama could have looked at how to accept aid from those who knew more about how to address such a crisis.

Why would the Obama administration think that it was in anyone's interest to drive BP out of business? Remember that lots of Americans work for BP and many pensioners depend on their dividends from BP. And why should BP pay the wages of oil-industry workers laid off due to the disastrous moratorium on deepwater drilling that the Obama administration has imposed.

The Democrats have decided that they need to get tougher on immigration. Their solution is to...change their rhetoric by calling those in the country who came in illegally "illegal immigrants" instead of their previous efforts to call them "undocumented workers." Yeah - that will do it. Change the rhetoric with poll-tested messages but not the policies.

Putting a warning label
on a copy of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other founding documents that parents might need to discuss with their children how 18th century documents may be inappropriate today just doesn't impress modern customers.