Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

Allahpundit has the story of a Maine company that has been churning out oil boom figuring that there would be a demand for boom to deal with the BP oil spill. But apparently no one from either BP or the federal government seems interested in buying up all these feet of oil boom. Isn't President Obama supposed to be focusing like a laser on doing everything possible in the Gulf?

Democratic House freshmen are begging
Nancy Pelosi to stop making them vote for more and more spending.

A White House official makes fun
of organized labor flushing "$10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise," in trying to upset Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. They want that money being flushed on White House-approved campaigns.

The WSJ examines how Obama's moratorium on deep-water oil drilling will exacerbate the economic problems for Gulf states.

Michael Barone analyzes
last night's election results and summarizes by saying that it doesn't look good for incumbents.

The teachers union in Massachusetts has a new target: trying to fire a Marine major who comes into the schools to teach Naval Junior ROTC because he won't pay $500 in union dues even though he gets half his salary and all his benefits from the military, not the schools. But state law, passed by the Democrats in Massachusetts, requires that public employees join unions or pay them a fee and, after his 14 years of successfully teaching Junior ROTC, they've decided to take on this Marine.

Dana Milbank looks at the heckling of Nancy Pelosi by a progressive, leftist crowd. Somehow, he doesn't see all that dangerous, racist overtones that analysts usually see when conservative crowds heckle Democratic politicians.

Reuters admits that the knife was cropped out of its picture of the militants on the flotilla. But they deny that there was any political motive. Sure.

Dorothy Rabinowitz puts her finger
on what is wrong with Obama and this administration. They regard themselves as distant from the country they lead. Their attitudes come from the leftist intelligentsia from around the world, not from the attitudes of their own fellow citizens.
It must all be Bush's fault.
Noemie Emery thinks
that the Democrats are suffering from "Messiah fatigue."