Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

Allahpundit has the story of a Maine company that has been churning out oil boom figuring that there would be a demand for boom to deal with the BP oil spill. But apparently no one from either BP or the federal government seems interested in buying up all these feet of oil boom. Isn't President Obama supposed to be focusing like a laser on doing everything possible in the Gulf?

Democratic House freshmen are begging
Nancy Pelosi to stop making them vote for more and more spending.

A White House official makes fun
of organized labor flushing "$10 million of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise," in trying to upset Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas. They want that money being flushed on White House-approved campaigns.

The WSJ examines how Obama's moratorium on deep-water oil drilling will exacerbate the economic problems for Gulf states.

Michael Barone analyzes
last night's election results and summarizes by saying that it doesn't look good for incumbents.

The teachers union in Massachusetts has a new target: trying to fire a Marine major who comes into the schools to teach Naval Junior ROTC because he won't pay $500 in union dues even though he gets half his salary and all his benefits from the military, not the schools. But state law, passed by the Democrats in Massachusetts, requires that public employees join unions or pay them a fee and, after his 14 years of successfully teaching Junior ROTC, they've decided to take on this Marine.

Dana Milbank looks at the heckling of Nancy Pelosi by a progressive, leftist crowd. Somehow, he doesn't see all that dangerous, racist overtones that analysts usually see when conservative crowds heckle Democratic politicians.

Reuters admits that the knife was cropped out of its picture of the militants on the flotilla. But they deny that there was any political motive. Sure.

Dorothy Rabinowitz puts her finger
on what is wrong with Obama and this administration. They regard themselves as distant from the country they lead. Their attitudes come from the leftist intelligentsia from around the world, not from the attitudes of their own fellow citizens.
It must all be Bush's fault.
Noemie Emery thinks
that the Democrats are suffering from "Messiah fatigue."


2421Rich said...

Isn't it strange that house members have to beg Nancy not to make them vote against the wishes of their constituants. It's not like they would be standing alone against the big machine of Party Politics. As a group they could stand up to Pelosi and survive. But then, no guts, no glory. Where are the Democrats with the courage to stand up for what is right.

Ron K said...

"Democratic House freshmen are begging Nancy Pelosi to stop making them vote for more and more spending."

here's a thought - grow a backbone, and stand up for the people that elected you.

ic said...

No connections, no Boom.

Pat Patterson said...

When egos are involved the mere threat of being on the sub-committee investigating UFOs, a Camry not a Lincoln or worst of all congressional offices above a Popeye's is quite effective in getting those who should know better to vote with the Speaker.

Bachbone said...

"Isn't President Obama supposed to be focusing like a laser on doing everything possible in the Gulf?" Not when Rahm Emanuel is sitting on his right shoulder whispering, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

If I were Maj. Godin, I would have my contract rewritten so the school was paying $1 less than the military, then tell the teacher union the military was my employer, not the school district. (On a personal note, when the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation [NRTWLDF] was representing me and I was feeling 'down' during the 10+ year fight with my state and national teacher unions, the attorneys handling my case told me to be thankful I didn't live in Massachusetts, because it was 10 times worse there. Good luck to the Major!)

Tacitus Voltaire said...

So Cal Jim said...
Part I

T.V. -- Yes, I do have a convenient stereotype for you. You are a naive progressive with no idea how the real world works or how wealth and freedom are created or sustained.

I make over $150k a year, my algorithms are described in computer science texts, and I have started my own company.

What have you done with your life, Big Talker?

You think, like all progressives, that government is the answer to all societal questions.

aaaaaaaaaah, no.

again, i don't believe that, and, in general, i don't believe things just because you like to say that i believe them

Epic Debate Fail for So Cal Jim, The Straw Man King

Taking your points in reverse order:

Actually, you do nothing of the kind

(1) You chase after castles in the air. You dream nice warm & fuzzy dreams about all people living in grand fashion thanks to a benevolent government filled with experts making all the important decisions for everyone. Only you ignore the unbroken line of progressive failure everywhere your brand of government has been tried. You ignore (as you must) the terrible slaughter that progressive utopias have committed against their own people. Like all progressives you actually despise the common man, believing him too ignorant, too biased, too racist/sexist/homophobic/ fill-in-blank-here, to be left to his own devises. Thus, you support a government that will force its people to conform to the government's standard of behavior.

No, again. Remember, you don't get to tell what i believe

"debate" seems to be a difficult concept for you. try studying up on it.

You wan all children in America to have decent nutrition. So do I. The difference between us is that you think universal nutrition/health/education can be legislated into existence and paid for by confiscating "rich" people's "unwarranted" or "excess" wealth.

No i don't #3. try again

Never mind that this has NEVER worked and it NEVER will. But you and millions like you (despite your educations) haven't learned a damn thing. You think YOU can do it better THIS time. You progressives are all the same.

I, on the other hand, recognize the empirically proven truth that capitalism and a society that jealously guards property rights always and everywhere produces the greatest amount of nutrition/health/education for the greatest number of people.

i started a company. i sell products that i made myself. i make money.

again - uh, exactly what do you know about "capitalism", Big Talker?

you have now been fisked. thank you

Tacitus Voltaire said...

So Cal Jim said...
Part II


(2) You think that Bush was the first and last person to call Islam a "religion of peace?" Are you kidding?

please provide quotes of prominent, verifiable progessive politicians who have said islam is a religion of peace. in those many words

(3) In case you really don't know, let me enlighten you. A "multiculturalist" is a person who subscribes to the foolish notion of "multiculturalism." Surely, you've heard of multiculturalism. And I cannot bring myself to believe you have never heard the term, "politically correct" or that you have no idea about what it means. Therefore, a "politically, correct, multiculturalist, Westerner," is a person who believes in politically correctness, multiculturalism and is from what is generally considered Western culture. In other words, a progressive.

what a wonderful example of a tautology. please look up this word. an utterly useless "definition". worse than you could have done if you had bothered to spend 2 minutes on google. pitiful

Incidentally, maybe you can answer some of these questions:

When have you expressed outrage for the thousands of rockets Hamas and Hezbollah have launch into Israel?

plenty of times. when have you?

When have you ever condemned the brutal murders carried out by Abu Sayyaf?

plenty of times. when have you?

Have you ever voiced indignation at the slaughter of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria, the Congo or in Darfur?


Do the murders of Buddhists by Muslims in Thailand bother you more or LESS than the botched Israeli commando raid on the "aid" ship?

all murder bothers me

Have you ever demanded equal rights for Christians and Jews in Arab lands?

plenty of times. when have you?

What have you to say about Egypt's decision today to strip citizenship from Egyptian men who have Israeli wives?

what do you have to say about the fact that our "ally" saudi arabia, does not allow jews into "its" country? and that president bush ignored this when he sent thousands of american troops, christian, jewish, and other, in to this racist country to protect them?

Does it bother you that virtually no churches or synagogs are allowed to exist in Saudi Arabia?

see above. not "virtually" no synagogues. no synagogues, period.

When was the last time you demanded an immediate end to honor killings of women and girls by Muslim men?

when was the last time you demanded an end, etc.

listen, diddle-head, where did i say that i was a defender of islam in any way, manner, shape, or form?

Are you not alarmed at the spread of Sharia? Have you ever said so publicly?

you must imagine that your every word around the teevee is broadcast around the world for us to hear

Finally, do you think Islam can peacefully coexist with any other religion? Does it concern you at all that it NEVER has peacefully coexisted with any other religion?

islam is a religion. a religion doesn't coexist or not coexist. people do. grow up. or, rather, grow a brain.

guns don't kill people, people do. religions don't kill people, people do

you have now been fisked in detail for the second time. thank you

Tacitus Voltaire said...

tfhr said...

Are you suggesting that running a blockade is not an attempt to further a political agenda?

you seem to spend your entire life imagining that people said things that they never said

Tacitus Voltaire said...

i'll just say in conclusion that if you want to actually engage in debate, you need to address what your opposite number actually said

putting words into people's mouths instead of reading what they actually said just marks you as ignorant

now get out there and learn something for a change

Tacitus Voltaire said...

you see, this is most instructive:

i criticized So Cal Jim for putting words into other people's mouths and for making sweeping statements about what hundreds of millions of people "believe', as if 1) they were all the same person, and 2) he had a right to tell them what they believe, or what they can or can't stand to do

he and tfhr responded by 1) completely ignoring what i actually said, and, 2) hallucinating a million stupid ideas and assuming i believed them

which all proved my original points a million times over

tfhr said...


When you respond to comments try to place them in the thread of origin. See you there.

[Friday, June 04, 2010
Obama willing to let Iran arm Gaza]

tfhr said...


One more thing - if you do decide to respond to my question, please try to do so in some way that actually answers the question. This habit of evading by saying that someone has put words in your mouth is tiresome.

Pat Patterson said...

Did any of that whining have anything to do with the topic or simply another cry for attention?

Please remember that every time TV talks tough that usually means a little fact checking is in order.

Pat Patterson said...

Did any of that whining have anything to do with the topic or simply another cry for attention?

Please remember that every time TV talks tough that usually means a little fact checking is in order.

Pat Patterson said...

Honest, it was Blogger that did the double deed.

So Cal Jim said...

T.V. -- Go to the proper threat to get your whipping.

tfhr said...

So Cal Jim,

Good summary from you at

(You had me at "rotting zombie")

Tacitus Voltaire said...

So Cal Jim said...

T.V. -- Go to the proper threat to get your whipping.

talking tough without any ammunition again, eh?

where's your "whipping", Big Talker?

tfhr said...

Proving that you can lead a rotting zombie to water but he'll just drive off the bridge and run for US Senate....

TV, go back to the thread on the topic and see So Cal Jim's targeted reply or use my helping hand extended to all above in the form of a link you can paste into your browser. Wait a minute...Ah, I think I've finally figured out why you don't provide links or even follow them - you are actually EATING the paste out of the copy & paste effort.'re a...ZOMBIE! Run!!!

Pat Patterson said...

TV has because our version of "O" in that the harder he is beaten the less likely he is to notice the bruising.

Dungeons and chains and whips, Oh my!