Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cruising the Web

Alan Dershowitz looks at the double standard the world applies to Israel as thousands come out to protest the deaths of the militants trying to break the Gaza blockade with the relative silence that met North Korea sinking a South Korean naval vessel, Iranian-backed terrorists who kill so many, or Russia bombing Chechnyans. None of that arouses the kind of furor that we see when Israel defends itself.

And Reuters is so helpful
in cropping out knives from the hands of the terrorists on the flotilla stopped by the Israelis.

Where are the protests against Cairo courts that want to strip Egyptian men of their citizenship if they are married to Israeli women?

As voters go to the polls today in California, it would be sweet if Democratic voters would cast a protest vote for Mickey Kaus against Barbara Boxer. The NYT profiled his quixotic campaign based on his two major issues - fighting against the unions and calling for protecting our border. Maybe this will start a trend of pundits throwing their own hats into the ring to stand up for what they write about. Think of it as following in the model of William F. Buckley running for mayor.

Jim Hoagland makes an odious comparison to those South Africans who opposed the end of apartheid and those in the tea party movement who are pulling to the right those mainstream Republicans who get the approval of Washington Post editors.

Rich Lowry notes the swift descent of President Obama fro his high-flying hopeandchange rhetoric to defending his administration as not technically illegal.

John McCormack ridicules the selective ethics of Eric Holder for his refusal to comment on the Sestak job offer because there is an ongoing investigation and his very publicized announcement of the intent of the Justice Department to prosecute anyone responsible for the BP oil spill.

Just in case you needed any more proof that the Blue Dogs are all nice rhetoric, the WSJ points out all the spending that Blue Dogs voted for just as the House was leaving for Memorial Day break. As long as they're voting for Pelosi's leadership, there is no such thing as a true Blue Dog.

Fred Barnes writes that Obama could actually benefit from the Republicans taking over the House and/or the Senate just as Bill Clinton's presidency was actually rejuvenated by the Republican takeover in 1994. It is only if Obama is released from Pelosi's leadership that he would have a chance of making the spending cuts that need to be made.

The WSJ exposes how ridiculous it is for the Democrats to try to use the BP oil spill to pass their cap-and-tax policies. Is it better that we import more oil from other countries that is drilled with fewer environmental regulations than that from American waters.

John E Calfee describes how administration policies are worsening the Gulf Oil Spill by trumpeting their criminal investigations into the behavior of BP. First find out what went wrong and what needs to be done to fix it and then worry about criminal penalties. It is counterproductive to achieve those goals if people are worried about being prosecuted.

For some good gossip fun, read Vanity Fair's profile of Sally Quinn.

Eliot Cohen writes
about how Obama has emboldened America's enemies and weakened the support of our allies.

Is anyone convinced by Obama's tough ass-kicking rhetoric? What a coincidence: some liberals criticize him for not showing enough passion and anger about the BP oil spill, and he cracks out a bit of naughty language in an NBC interview. As Ace writes, style points don't outrank real actions.


tfhr said...

This just in:

Helen Thomas resigns her position with Hearst Newspapers to become the new Fashion and Beauty editor at Al Rueters.

tfhr said...

Though she is gone from the White House press corps, Helen "Get the Hell out of Palestine" Thomas is still the face of liberal media bias.

tfhr said...

My guess is that it would be something of a blessing to NOT have Egyptian citizenship. Expect a mad rush of Israeli weddings.

tfhr said...

The Barnes commentary would be valid if Obama was like Clinton, a man who had only one philosophy: "Me".

Clinton was not beholden to a radical economic and political philosophy in the way of Barack Obama and as such was free to triangulate, when needed, to preserve his job. He too had a compliant media to carry his banner and cover his tracks much of the time but Obama is so far to the left that he cannot make the pragmatic decisions that would help the country and in doing so, help himself.

tfhr said...

All this "tough" talk about BP is getting to the point of ridiculousness.

"Boot on the throat", "Kick ass", and Holder hunting for someone to prosecute undermines the most important player in stopping the leak and paying for the clean-up. The left complains that BP spent $50 million on a PR campaign to show that it is not shirking its responsibility for controlling the leak and cleaning up the mess. Perhaps they would not have felt the need to do that if they were not subjected to attacks from the administration. If BP goes under on it's own or it's demise is hastened by forcing it into receivership, as some administration insiders have suggested, it means that BP will be less capable or even unable to pay for damages during a clean-up that will take decades. The burden will fall completely on the shoulders of the American taxpayers. Brilliant strategy, Barack!

I especially enjoyed hearing the President whine about BP paying dividends to stockholders when he himself has received the LARGEST BP political contribution of any American politician to date. With that track record and his ineptitude during response to the oil leak, "Kick ass" sounds more like "Kiss A$$".

ic said...

Where are the protests against Cairo courts that want to strip Egyptian men of their citizenship if they are married to Israeli women?

C'mon, are Egyptians white? Only whities are racists. Are Egyptians Jews? Jews are Nazis, they are apartheid. Egyptian men marrying Jewish women turn into Jews. The Egyptians should not allow the apartheid Jews to contaminate their neighborhoods.

Pat Patterson said...

Too many night listening to Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes in the dorm rooms of Oxy and Columbia to make the tough guy routine more than a little funny.