Monday, June 07, 2010

Cruising the Web

Michael Barone notes that Republican senatorial candidates are experiencing some setbacks on their road to predicted victories this fall. That's why it's very hard to extrapolate from spring poll numbers to November electoral results.

What is it about the real world and how businesses respond that Obama just doesn't get? Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder made a very public announcement that the Justice Department has begun criminal and civil investigations into BP and the oil spill. And then Obama, two days later, said he wanted to "make sure that BP is not lawyering up." Well, what do you expect any company to do when the American Attorney General personally announces that the Justice Department is coming after them? Or doesn't Obama want to grant BP their rights to legal representation?

Political correctness kept the British from making a full investigation of the 7/7 bombings that led to 52 deaths. Authorities were worried that a full inquiry into analyzing what had led to the bombings might upset Muslims so instead they just published a "narrow" inquiry into the events leading up to the bombings. Yes, better not to upset British Muslims than to try to understand what led the four bombers to kill so many British citizens so as to prevent any further occurrence. One imagines a similar discussion taking place in the Pentagon whitewash of the Fort Hood shootings that never once used the words Islam or Muslim or jihad. It's a reminder of how political correctness can lead to people's deaths.

The New York Times covers mistakes and confusion on who was in charge of the BP oil rig both before and after the spill started. Despite the administration's claims of having been focused like lasers from the beginning there were inexplicable delays that slowed reactions to the spill. The Anchoress responds to the news how serious the spill would be from Day One. While a president can't fix the hole, don't try to tell us how in charge they have been from the very beginning.

Thousands marched in Paris against Israel. A theater is even refusing to air a movie made in Israel. Demonstrations occurred in Ireland and Dublin. Did any of these people think to demonstrate against terrorist bombings that killed Israeli citizens? As Mark Steyn reminds us of all the people who get so excited about Rachel Corrie who was killed while kneeling in front of a an Israeli bulldozer while protesting against Israel's actions during the Second Intifada, none of them seem to care about another Rachel, a British 16-year old who was killed in an Israeli shopping mall after a suicide bomber blew a crowd shopping there. British journalists didn't have any interest in profiling that Rachel, but we have ships named after the other Rachel. And Jay Nordlinger points out the true background of the so-called humanitarians on the Rachel Corrie, the ship that so ostentatiously just headed for Gaza.