Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cruising the Web

With the news that there might have been something shady in the recruitment of yet another of Coach Calipari's top players, here's a list of the top shady stories in college basketball. The story of how the coach at Baylor tried to cover up a murder by trashing the victim has to top all these other rather mundane money scandals.

Mona Charen has a clarifying fact check on Israel and Hamas and the flotilla story. She then brings up a cogent question. Why has there been such international outrage about this story and relatively little about the story of North Korea's unprovoked attack on a South Korean ship that killed 47 people? It's clear which story has the propaganda push behind it.

Eric Pearson explains a dumb change that the Obama administration just instituted in how Title IX is applied to sports programs in colleges.

Nancy Pelosi finds her inner Catholic to explain her politics through a religious lens in language that a conservative would be excoriated for using. The Anchoress has more.

Robert Gibbs is having a lot of trouble squaring the circle of the administration's version of what went on with Joe Sestak. So he's reverted to a stonewall.

SEIU is now protesting at churches that don't use union labor.

The voters apparently don't like party switchers who seem to be switching simply to win an election.

Michael Barone thinks
that Obama has indeed brought the Chicago Way to the White House.