Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Cruising the Web

The WSJ exposes how Senator Bob Casey wants the government to bail out underfunded and overpromised union pension funds. Why the federal taxpayers should pay for pensions that were managed poorly while not taking enough contributions from participants is a mystery except for that unions like the Teamsters really want them to. If his bill were enacted, it would create a flood of other union pensions being dumped off on the federal government.

For a man who promised that he was the one that we had been waiting for, President Obama is remarkably thin-skinned.

Are you ready for all the changes that a reduced salt grocery cart will bring? Be prepared for Cheez-Its that "fell apart in surprising ways. The golden yellow hue faded. The crackers became sticky when chewed, and the mash packed onto the teeth. The taste was not merely bland but medicinal." Yum!

The Washington Post contrasts Montgomery County in Maryland and Fairfax County in Virginia. Two suburbs of Washington that are very close together yet have two vastly different economic fates mainly because Montgomery County has promised much more generous benefits to public employees.

Robert Samuelson explains why the administration is using an out-of-date measure of poverty in America.

ESPN profiles the wacky wardrobe of Craig Sager. The article links to this marvelous take-down of one Sager pink and red outfit by Celtic Kevin Garnett who tells Sager that he needs to take his outfit home and burn it.