Friday, June 04, 2010

Bloopers from AP US History tests

A friend is at the grading of this year's exams and has shared these howlers from actual student essays. Enjoy. And weep.
QUESTION 2: Deals with the factors that led to America's victory in the Revolutionary War.
- Connecticut was the first state to leave the colonies and form the Confederacy.
- George Washington crossed the Delaware River and landed at Yorktown.
- The French were convinced to join the war after America's victory at Antietam.
- At the time, the United States had the most advanced communication system in the world - Paul Revere.
- England viewed the colonies as nothing more than a back-talking teenager that needed smacked.

QUESTION 3: Deals with the role of slavery in causing the Civil War.
- With the end of Reconstruction, the Civil War was not far ahead.
- Slavery was like the crazy uncle in every family - everyone acknowledges the problem, but no one wants to confront it.
- Most western states are in the South.
- Harriet Beecher Stowe's book "Uncle Tom's Cabinet" angered whites.
- The Misery Compromise only delayed the Civil War.
- The Boxer Rebellion showed whites the need to control their slaves.
- The biggest victory for Southerners before the Civil War was the Dred Scopes Trial.
- Bleeding Kansas was like the JV game before the Civil War.
- When the war began, Lincoln turned to his most trusted general, Harvey E. Lee.
- As Mr. Miyagi once said, it is important to keep balance. Congress knew this when they admitted Maine and Missouri to the Union.
- Many slaves were black.

QUESTION 4: Deals with the role of women in causing reform during the Progressive era (1880-1920).
- *Now women had full equality. But was that REALLY so grand? Let's discuss...
- *In the 20s, women were smoking, drinking, and dressing more sketchedly.
- *The women's rights movement began in 1876 at the Serpent Fall Convention.
- *Just a couple of decades ago, women didn't have the right to vote.
- *Flappers were women, but new and improved!
- *The main motivational character for women was Rosie the Riveter. She was a strong woman with biceps. She would always flex her arm but she wore makeup. Her message was that she was pretty but talented as well. She was outstanding.
- *Women made a dent in history, and in the future.
- *Most importantly, men now know how to make their own sandwiches.
- *When the men left to fight the war, women were allowed to frolic in public.
- Progressive women were like ants: they worked in groups and got stuff done.
- Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an important flapper.
- Being a woman was considered a disease, as if you could catch it if you were male.
- Women fought for many years for equal pay and equal love from their bosses.
- The representative of the "new woman" was Molly Maguire.
- Seen throughout the Reading, women who were apparently progressives between 1880 and 1920: Dorothea Dix, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Upton Sinclair, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sandra Day O'Connor, Jackie Onassis, Phylis Schlafly, Harriet Tubman, Abigail Adams, Hillary Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor

QUESTION 5: Deals with the importance of population shifts (suburbanization, immigration, Sunbelt) after WWII.
- The U.S. implemented the Monroe Doctrine to keep the Canadians out.
- The Baby Boom made the population sore.
- The Sun Belt was popular because our screen porches kept out bugs.
- The Sun Belt was a highway that stretched from California to Nevada.


So Cal Jim said...

So these answers were given by AP students? I'd really hate to read what the less gifted students think.

Locomotive Breath said...

"At the time, the United States had the most advanced communication system in the world - Paul Revere."

Pretty close to true.

Locomotive Breath said...

And being out of town this weekend, I didn't know if you caught this...

Parents and children who are being failed by a public school system whose costs are exorbitant and whose results are insulting deserve a choice. We don't have to look far around the country to know that vouchers and experiments in school choice are working, that they're producing results.

chuckles said...

Locomotive Breath's comment may be true for his/her area, but not true for many areas. My son's high school awards ceremony listed over 2.5 million dollars in scholarships, 85% of graduating seniors (280 seniors) have been accepted into two and four year colleges. I've been very pleased with the schools in Eugene, Oregon.