Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Afternoon Web-Cruising

Brent Bozell marvels at the media's double standards in how it is approaching a year when Republican women are winning primaries and have a good chance of being elected to offices across the country compared to how they triumphantly proclaimed the "Year of the Women" in 1994. It is only great to trumpet women winning elections when they are liberal women. Conservative women are somehow to be distrusted. In fact, they might not really be women at all as one Democratic woman alleged.

Erick Erickson does an excellent job of fisking
Obama's speech with its internal contradictions and obfuscations.

Ben Stein marvels at how this administration blithely ignores the rule of law and no one seems able to stop him.

Here's a way to make sure minorities get elected: have a judge order that everyone gets six votes each and hope that the minorities will cast all their votes for the minority. Anything to guarantee the correct electoral outcomes.

North Korea has figured out how to solve the problem of how to get some fans to the World Cup to cheer on their team without risking that they would talk to a reporter about the real situation in their country or even try to defect. They hired Chinese actors to portray North Korean fans.

Michelle Malkin notes
that Obama's stuck-on-stupid approach to the Gulf clean-up continues as he names one more czar to add to the czar, AKA Thad Allen, who is already in charge of the efforts down there.

Dan Riehl notes
that, with such bad reviews from the President's speech, one thing has changed: It's now possible to criticize Obama and not be tarred as a racist. As Riehl writes, "Now, that's change!!"

David Harsanyi
reminds us that Jerry Brown once said, that ""the conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare. Just the opposite! We need more welfare and fewer jobs." Ah, that's a leader Californians need as their state sinks ever deeper into unsustainable debt. And the Democrats couldn't come up with anyone better to run for governor?