Friday, June 18, 2010

Additional Web-Cruising

Why does your team winning a championship lead some people to think they should set a car on fire and throw rocks at police?

These are the South Carolina Republican gurus who are supposed to have masterminded a totally pointless, but undetectable plot to have Alvin Greene win the Democratic primary? Several GOP leaders in the state assembly don't like Nikki Haley because they think she'll be too confrontational with them and reform some of her power so they're backing her opponent and toying with backing the Democratic candidate if she still wins. Sheesh!

Victor Davis Hanson expresses the obvious
- Obama needs a more coherent foreign policy other than just trumpeting his differences with Bush.

The NYT looks at how Obama's dishonest drilling moratorium is affecting employment in the area. It's a dismal, depressing story and completely unnecessary.

Politico looks at all the maneuvering that has been going on to get the Democrats' DISCLOSE Act passed to retaliate against the Citizens United decision. Fearful of the NRA's opposition to the bill, they carved out an exception that would apply only to NRA. Then when they got objections from other interest groups and liberals who don't like kow-towing to the NRA, they added in additional carve-outs, but the liberals still don't like it. Supposedly Blue Dog Democrats are afraid of annoying corporate interests to support the bill. It's all a lesson in how Congress works. And this all ignores how despicable this law would be with its questionable constitutional status. We can hope that this stays tied up for the rest of the year and dies the death that all such legislative monstrosities should suffer. Kim Strassel has more about underhanded all this political maneuvering has been. As she says, the Democrats know that their law isn't constitutional and would be struck down but they just want it in place for this year's election.

Byron York has a decent question.
In the President's speech, he claimed that he had approved more deepwater oil drilling in the weeks before the Deep Horizon oil spill "under the assurance that it would be absolutely safe." York wonders which experts used such language since no engineer or expert would use such a phrase as "absolutely safe." They're never that absolute. York can't get an answer about who gave Obama that advice.