Thursday, May 20, 2010

Standing by while a foreign leader bashes the United States

President Obama stood by while President Calderon bashed the Arizona law yesterday. Then Obama gave this mushy answer while he tried to thread the line between sending signals to Latino voters while not angering the majority of Americans who support a strong support of our borders.
Asked if he agrees with President Calderon's view that the Arizona immigration law "that is forcing our people to face discrimination," President Obama said in the Rose Garden just now that it "has the potential of being applied in a discriminatory fashion."

He said a "fair reading" of the law -- suggesting that he has read the legislation, unlike his Attorney General as of last week -- indicates those who are at risk of being deemed possibly illegal could face "harassment" and that the judgments law enforcement would need to make to apply the law are "troublesome."

The Justice Department is looking at the legislation, the president said, to make sure it's consistent with "our core values" and "existing legal precedent."
Of course we don't know if he has read the law since he isn't taking reporters' questions and used the one question he was allowing American reporters at the phot op with Calderon to call on a reporter from Univision who asked another question about the Arizona law.

But there we have the vision of an American president to stand by and agree with a foreign leader who was criticizing the Arizona law. Remember this is the president of a country that has a much stricter policy than we do for dealing with illegal immigrants. This is the president of a country that can't take care of their drug and crime problems so that their violence has been causing severe problems for border states as it enters our country. And this is a president of a country that has such a failed economy that they are dependent on the money that Mexicans working in the United States send back to their families in Mexico. That is the reason why Calderon wants as many Mexicans to come and work in our country.

And Obama's concern that the law has the potential to be applied in "a discriminatory fashion" is logically empty. Any law has the potential to be applied in a discriminatory fashion. All our laws are dependent on the judicious enforcement by law officers. President Obama is allowing his own prejudices against the police to shine through, the same prejudice that led him to label the Cambridge police as stupid when he admitted that he didn't know the particulars of the imbroglio with Professor Gates.

And let's not forget that the language of the Arizona law parallels the federal law. And that the Justice Department permits state law officers to arrest those in the country illegally. So is President Obama just as afraid of federal law officers acting in a "discriminatory fashion?" Or is it just Arizonans whom he thinks are so unprofessional?

President Obama's passivity on the whole issue of protecting our borders and then standing by while Calderon criticizes an American state for a law that mimics federal law is truly galling.