Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Seeds of inspiration

60 Minutes took a look at the SEED school of Washington, D.C. This is a public urban boarding school with the goal of taking kids from middle through high school and preparing them for college. And they are succeeding magnificently. They are taking in children who had little hope if left in the miserable Washington public school system and changing their lives and making dreams come true. This is truly inspirational.

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As with my post yesterday, the pattern is clear of what works. Having a boarding school adds a new twist, but the basic plan of having long hours and high standards is the same. The teachers seem dedicated beyond compare as they stay and work with students until after 10 at night. I am in awe of their efforts. But seeing such results and knowing that they are changing lives must be so fulfilling. To see the two seventh graders talk about how they know that this school is where their future is going to start is just so moving. The only drawback is that more students can't be touched and changed by such an educational environment. The good news, however, is that the men who began this marvelous school are spreading it to other cities. Just remember, however, that such a school could never exist in a union-dominated regular public school environment.