Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Please help a worthy cause

This is just a reminder to ask you to vote again for a project run by a teacher at my school and a lot of our students so that they can win a $5000 grant from Pepsi.

A co-worker of mine at my school began a wonderful organization with the help of students to raise money to provide financial help for retired Blues musicians in the Piedmont as well as to introduce younger people to great Blues music. They call their organization SOOTS (you can read more about it here and here) and they work feverishly to find ways to raise money.

Right now they're trying to win a grant from Pepsi and they need people to go to Pepsi's site to vote for their project. Please take a minute and go on over to the Pepsi site and vote for their project. It's a wonderful effort by young people to help these great bluesmen. Here are instructions on how to vote.
To VOTE through Pepsi's Site, go to this link

1. Click that you want to vote for this organization.
2. Follow the directions for "Sign Up" (beware not to ask to be contacted about Pepsi Offers unless you'd like to be )
3. Then you should be able to "Sign In" everyday (by clicking on the words at the bottom left of the Pepsi Refresh Project Homepage)
Thank you.