Thursday, May 27, 2010

Over-protecting Navy plebes

This is just silly. The superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy has barred the greasing of the Herndon Monument when the plebes make their annual attempts to climb the larded-up monument to celebrate completing their first year at the Academy. He was concerned that some of the plebes might get injured in the mad climb up the greased monument.
The Herndon climb is a rite of passage for Navy freshmen, known as plebes. At the end of their grueling first year, they gather, 1,000 strong, at the foot of the monument and work their way to the top in a greasy human pyramid, fighting gravity and slogging through mud as upper-class midshipmen spray the greasy throng with hoses. This year, the hoses, too, were absent.

A plebe reached the top of the obelisk Monday afternoon in two minutes, five seconds. No one was injured. No one even got particularly dirty. The sense of collective letdown might have been captured best in the words scrawled onto one midshipman's T-shirt: "Where's the grease?"

Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler, the departing academy superintendent, instructed the midshipmen not to grease the obelisk this year. It was a gesture of his dissatisfaction with an event that, for all its rich, greasy history, has raised safety concerns with academy leaders. In 2008, four midshipmen sustained injuries in the climb serious enough for ambulance trips to the hospital. All four recovered.
I'm with this grad of the Academy.
Herbert McMillan, a 1980 graduate, put it this way in a 2008 account in The Washington Post: "We're going to send these guys to war but they can't climb a monument because they might get hurt? Come on."


tfhr said...

Next time I go up to Annapolis I'll be sure to bring along plenty of bubble wrap to hand out.

The military rightfully places a top priority on safety across the board but taking the Academy's "in loco parentis" meme this far is just too far.

John E said...

I guess those we really need to think about is this class of Plebes. Without the grease can climbing Herndon be meaningful? Maybe they are all still Plebes and will remain so forever. Now there is something to ponder along with which class had the last real Plebe Summer?

steveeas said...

Kind of like the old style CPO initiations. The new ones are dignified, professional, and altogether professional, but .........

Pat Patterson said...

Next year's syllabus calls for the middies to learn to swim with those little float devices attached to their arms. Plus the water is checked for temperature before hand.