Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama's own party opposes his plans on Guantanamo

Remember how Obama ostentatiously signed an executive order as one of his first presidential acts to close Guantanamo. Then there was the idea to move the detainees to Illinois. Well, it seems that his own party is against that idea.
The House Armed Services Committee has dealt a blow to President Obama’s hopes to shutter the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, by unanimously approving legislation that would prohibit creating a detention center inside the United States.

The administration had asked Congress to approve about $350 million to buy and renovate a nearly empty prison in Thomson, Ill. The White House plan was to empty Guantánamo and transfer its detainees to Illinois — including 48 who would be held without trial as wartime prisoners.

But late Wednesday, the House committee unanimously approved a defense bill for 2011 that bans spending money to build or modify any facility inside the United States to house Guantánamo detainees, according to a summary of the bill.

It says the committee wants to see “a thorough and comprehensive plan that outlines the merits, costs, and risks associated with utilizing such a facility. No such plan has been presented to date. The bill prohibits the use of any funds for this purpose.”
He'll be running for reelection with Guantanamo still open. The proposal doesn't seem quite as great an idea as it sounded out on the campaign trail.