Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Obama Pity Party

This is what Obama told supporters at the fundraiser for Barbara Boxer.
“Let's face it this has been the toughest year and a half since any year and a half since the 1930s,”
Yeah, forget World War II, the Cold War, conflicts over Vietnam, that annus horribilis of 1968, the miseries of the 1970s, 9/11. The man has no sense of history except to extol how earth-shattering his own arrival on the political scene has been. Poor, poor Obama who ran for office with the economy teetering and knew exactly what he was getting. He wanted that job and told us he could handle it. And now he wants to whine about how tough he has had it. Of course, he went out to San Francisco so he could go to fundraisers for Boxer, one of which was hosted by Gordon Getty, the heir of the Getty Oil fortune and one of the richest in America. Perhaps he regaled his audience as he once did a San Francisco audience with his musings on all those bitter tea partiers clinging to their guns and hatred of big government.

And then he whined about how the Republicans aren't cooperating in a bipartisan manner to support whatever the Democrats put forth.
After complaining to the roomful of wealthy donors that Republicans refuse to cooperate or work with him in a bipartisan manner, Obama, apparently without any awareness of contradiction, had the crowd chanting happily back at him when he said of Republicans, "if you want to get in, we'll give you a ride. But we're not going to let you drive."

Because that is the spirit of bipartisanship on vivid display: you can sit helplessly in the back as we rocket this baby wherever our heavily Europhile sense of direction takes us, but you'd better keep your yap shut.

And although that is the attitude with which the administration governs, neither the president nor his friends can fathom why anyone would be upset with him. The philistines want to drive? Well isn't that cute. Listen, they can hold on to those Bibles and guns -- for now, anyway -- but they are NOT clinging to the steering wheel.
Like Obama worked so hard to cooperate with the Republicans when he was in the Senate. He was all about bipartisanship then, wasn't he? But he probably thinks that he is the first president to ever face partisanship and politics from the other party.

Those who don't know history are likely to think that they are unique. And then pity themselves for how tough things are.