Monday, May 10, 2010

Not one, but two documentaries on education reform

Serendipitously, there are two documentaries coming out this year on education reform. The first out is The Cartel, a documentary that centers on the state of education in New Jersey, a state with one of the highest per child spending on education.
You can watch some more clips from the film here. The filmmaker, Bob Bowden, got his start making short videos for the Onion News Network. That seems an appropriate background to document what goes on in our public schools. The film is especially will-timed given the battles that Governor Christie is now engaged in with the New Jersey teachers union.

Another documentary that is getting a lot of buzz, and is scheduled to be released this fall is Waiting for Superman. Here is the trailer.
It won the Audience Award for the best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival. Perhaps they couldn't resist that heartbreaking scene of children waiting to find out if their number gets called for the lottery and the chance of going to a better school and having a better life. Life is enough of a lottery as it is; do we really need to make our education system a lottery?

The director is the same guy who directed An Inconvenient Truth. Could we be reaching a tipping point of liberals like that and the people at Sundance are realizing that something is seriously wrong with how our education system is run and that the answer is more choice so that we can get kids out of these schools run by the teacher unions for the union and not for the students?