Friday, May 07, 2010

Is Specter going down sooner rather than later?

The most recent polls show Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak exactly even or close for the Democratic primary. The gap between them has been closing over the past month.

And now Joe Sestak, as Chris Bowers at Open Left indicates, has unleashed a devastating ad that portrays what a true weasel Specter is.
Specter isn't an endearing figure in any way, but I just can't see how Democratic Pennsylvanians are going to want some guy who was so clearly opportunistic to be their choice. When the choice is between a real Democrat and one who will be whatever it takes to get elected, why not pick the real one?

As a Republican, I think that Specter would be easier to defeat. That same Sestak ad minus the jabs at President Bush could be an ad for Pat Toomey. So I'm hoping that Specter pulls it out. But the trendline is not favorable for Specter. He can go down either this spring or this fall. Either way, he sacrificed his dignity to achieve his defeat. Good riddance.


tfhr said...


Ever wonder why the same people keep making the same decisions to extend their careers in DC? Why would they ever put you and the nation above their own interests? Once they're sufficiently lodged on Capitol Hill, you become merely an extra in the movie of their life of personal ambition.

The power of incumbency nearly guarantees reelection these days. It attracts people that place a premium on their own career ambitions, their cravings for power and influence, and a sneering disdain for the true meaning of public service.

Unlimited incumbency also guarantees a continued polarization of left and right as hard-core representatives and senators accumulate seniority in key committee positions. No American would tolerate a "President for Life". Why should we tolerate senators and representatives that linger on for 30 and 40 years? Isn't the collective presence of so many ossified, careerists in the Congress damaging in its own way?

If you would like to see politicians forced to work together, demand that they be forced to return to a life spent living with the legislation they craft, pass, and so often burden us with while they live a life separate.


* - I'd also like to see an ala carte arrangement for cable TV subscriptions.

Bachbone said...

Never fear, Betsy. I lived in PA for 30 years. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Democrat machines and unions are every bit as powerful - and as crooked - as in Chicago, and if Specter is "their guy," he will win the nomination.

mark said...

I'd love to see Sestak take out Specter. It's lousy that Obama and Biden (seemingly) made a deal with Specter. They should stay out of it.

Pat Patterson said...

tfhr-I think we'll see the former rather than the latter for another few decades or so. Who needs QVC or ION?