Friday, May 07, 2010

Is Specter going down sooner rather than later?

The most recent polls show Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak exactly even or close for the Democratic primary. The gap between them has been closing over the past month.

And now Joe Sestak, as Chris Bowers at Open Left indicates, has unleashed a devastating ad that portrays what a true weasel Specter is.
Specter isn't an endearing figure in any way, but I just can't see how Democratic Pennsylvanians are going to want some guy who was so clearly opportunistic to be their choice. When the choice is between a real Democrat and one who will be whatever it takes to get elected, why not pick the real one?

As a Republican, I think that Specter would be easier to defeat. That same Sestak ad minus the jabs at President Bush could be an ad for Pat Toomey. So I'm hoping that Specter pulls it out. But the trendline is not favorable for Specter. He can go down either this spring or this fall. Either way, he sacrificed his dignity to achieve his defeat. Good riddance.