Monday, May 24, 2010

If only Obama treated Arizona like an enemy nation

Debra Saunders excoriates the Democrats for their behavior over the Arizona immigration law. Last week we had the previously unbelievable spectacle of a party rising to give a standing ovation to a foreign leader who was bashing one state for a law that supports a federal law. She is exactly right that the Democrats are exploiting this controversy in order to gain Hispanic votes. Such voters will have to decide that such gestures and rhetoric from Democratic politicians is a sufficient substitute from actual action on immigration.
Washington keeps pushing the envelope on craven. ?For his part, President Obama is a virtuoso at talking out of both sides of his mouth on immigration. He calls the immigration system broken, then proposes to fix the system by paving a path to citizenship for those who broke the law. He has called SB1070 misguided in order to appeal to the lathered-up pro-illegal immigration corner. Then he appeals to "misguided" voters by assuring them that he is gung-ho when it comes to enforcing the immigration laws.

The best part is, Obama never has to deliver on his campaign promise to push through an immigration bill with a path to citizenship in his first year. Or his second year. As long as pro-illegal immigration forces focus on Arizona, Obama and Washington get a free pass.
And we get the bizarro-world story of Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner throwing Arizona under the bus in talks over human rights with China. I'm sure the Chinese diplomats were happy to tut-tut over Arizona and relieved that Posner wouldn't bring up their own treatment of North Korean refugees who might make it out of that prison state and across the Yalu River into China.

And Saunders notes that it seems a deliberate policy of Obama officials not to read the very bill that they're criticizing.
Meanwhile, back in the United States, the Obama administration was working overtime not to know what was in the Arizona bill. Attorney General Eric Holder declared the bill could lead to racial profiling -- before he admitted to the House Judiciary Committee on May 14 that he had "not had a chance" to read the 17-page bill. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that she would have vetoed the bill -- as she, too, had to admit she had not read it.

Now you just know that if these folks thought they would have found something damning in the bill’s language to throw against the Arizona Legislature and Gov. Jan Brewer, they would have read the measure ASAP.
That is so very true.

The Obama administration seems more willing to have such discussions with foreign leaders rather than the governor of a border state pleading for federal help to protect the state.
Thursday, Obama declared, "The United States is proud to walk with Mexico." As Posner told reporters, the administration is anxious for any opportunity to engage in a respectful and informed dialogue with Beijing. But don’t expect Obamaland to try to show the same eagerness to understand the Arizona law.

If Obama were a unifying figure, he would try to end the boycott wars that threaten to pull this country further apart. If Phoenix were Beijing or Mexico City, then the White House would be working overtime on a policy to accommodate both the Arizona bill and the administration’s important goal of preventing racial profiling.

But as far as this administration is concerned, Arizona might as well be an enemy nation.
If only it were. Then Obama would bow and do whatever possible to propitiate the state. But it's not an enemy nation so it gets the full partisan treatment while ignoring the underlying problem that led Arizona to pass the bill in the first place.