Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cruising the Web

Surprise, surprise. The Democrats' financial package just might not prevent a future financial crisis. AP reports that the bill is insufficient because the banks were able to lobby to water down provisions that they didn't like. And AP doesn't even get to how the Democrats absolutely refused to do anything about Fannie and Freddie.

What a shocker. The Democrats talk a big game about how much they like pay-as-you-go provisions to limit new spending without paying for it despite having spent over a trillion dollars outside of paygo. And they're planning for another $300 billion of "emergency spending" this year.

Joe Biden has surrendered. In his mind, Washington, D.C. is no longer the "capital of the free world." Instead he nominates ... Brussels. Eh? Apparently, having the EU and NATO headquarters there is enough for old Joe. What a comedown it must be for him to be only the vice president of the United States instead of some bureaucrat working in the new center of the free world.

There are so many stories about sports stars that really disappoint and dismay fans. So it's nice to have another sort of story. Read this profile of Grant Hill and his positive attitude towards the injuries and surgeries that have plagued his pro career. Though I don't get why there should be talk about Grant Hill becoming president one day. Being a talented athlete of upstanding character is no reason to suddenly talk presidential material. Why would he want to jump into the political swamp?

Just as critics predicted, California's efforts to fund supposedly green jobs has done nothing to help their economy and has had a considerably negative economic effect. As a new study shows, "while the long-term economic costs are 'unknown,' the study finds that AB-32 will raise energy prices, 'causing the prices of goods and services to rise; lowering business profits; and reducing production, income and jobs.'" Meanwhile, businesses are fleeing the state. Just think of how much fun it will be when Obama and the Democrats impose similar environmental provisions on the entire United States.

Barbara Hollingsworth has an unbelievable story about how state welfare agencies are pocketing the money due kids who are getting Social Security benefits because a parent died. The state is taking that money without the kids even knowing that they were entitled to receive those benefits.

Sarah Kliff at the Politico explains why
the "doc fix" is an example of the worst of congressional gimmicks. As the Democrats get ready to fold the fix into their emergency spending bill, they still pretend that ObamaCare will save money - even though all they're doing is slicing off this chunk of spending and passing it, as they have been doing for over a decade, through a separate spending package. There is nothing "emergency" about it. They just don't want to take the hit for fixing the fix once and for all.

Alan Abramowitz and Larry Sabato
write to dispel the myths of the "angry voter." In comparing to previous election years, the electorate isn't really that much angrier than in the past. That doesn't mean, as they write, that a lot of Democratic incumbents might not lose this year. But that is more because they got swept into office in Democratic years and really are a mismatch for their districts.