Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cruising the Web

The Democrats can't put together a budget resolution. They're too busy spending money to figure out their longer term goals on the budget. They don't want to vote for any such resolution that would have to acknowledge the deficit. And they want to spend time passing other bills such as cap and tax that will harm the economy. So they're not even going to introduce such a resolution.

Sean Trende of RCP has an intelligent analysis of what we've learned from Tuesday's elections. He explains why Democrats can't generalize from their victory in the PA-12 special election. You should also read Jay Cost's analysis.

It was the third Democrat on the ballot
in Arkansas that doomed Blanche Lincoln. He got 11% of the vote and is going to tell his supporters to vote Republican in November. So whichever Democrat wins the runoff will still be doomed.

Mark Steyn examines the riots in Greece and finds that they were the riots of the overclass - government workers who won't face reality. And their low population growth will doom them. They don't have enough young workers coming up to pay for all that they have promised the old. Just like the rest of Europe. And the young will flee Greece for a country where there are actual jobs available for them. "Greece has run out of Greeks to stick it to. So it’s turned to Germany. But Germany too is in net population decline." Greece is not an outlier; too many other European nations are almost to where Greece has arrived.

The WSJ looks at Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's public record of grandstanding on cases while persecuting someone just to gin up a headline. It's not a pretty history.

Of course the Democrats are rushing to see if they can tie all Republicans to Rand Paul's stupid statements about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. After putting his foot in his mouth several times, Paul is now canceling a scheduled appearance on Meet the Press. He should acknowledge that he made a mistake and move on; he can't run for office trying to avoid the whole issue.

There's an extremely big loophole
in this supposedly breakthrough UN agreement on Iranian sanctions. Apparently, Russia will still be able to send its S-300 missiles to the Iranian military so that the Iranians will be able to shoot down incoming aircraft and missiles in defending its nuclear arms. That's a mighty big exception. The sanctions thus, from the outset, are meant to be mere form and no substance.

The NYT has uncovered yet another instance of Richard Blumenthal implying to audiences that he had served in Vietnam. Yet the Connecticut Democratic Party just chose him as their nominee in the fall. He's campaigning to Tom Petty's "I won't back down." I wonder how Petty likes his song being used by a guy to cover up his lying about serving in a war he actually worked hard to avoid and when he couldn't avoid it any more served tutoring kids in Anacostia.

Here's a depressing story
about how this is the toughest job market ever for aspiring teachers. Too many communities have had to impose job freezes because they just don't have the money to pay the teachers they have.

Mark Steyn juxtaposes the response of John Morton, a top DHS official, to the Arizona law by saying that perhaps the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement which he heads won't process illegal immigrants forwarded to them from Arizona with an attempt by DHS to seize property in Vermont to expand a DHS border station in Vermont which sees so little business that its agents spend time hitting golf balls. But there is money in the stimulus plan for such expansion so they want to take neighboring working fields by eminent domain to expand an office that barely had any activity. As Steyn writes, "On the southern border your national security is "at risk" as a matter of policy. Why can't a Vermont dairy farm get the same deal?" Simply amazing.


tfhr said...

When the S-300s arrive, so will war; Israel cannot wait at that point. Depending on how proficient Iranian crews are trained prior to arrival of the system, the window could be a matter of days, particularly if the Iranians are being trained in Russia now.

The other problem is that the targets - Iran's nuclear facilities - are hardened and deeply buried. Conventional precision guided weapons and even most specialized "bunker busters" will have low probabilities of success. Iran's countermeasures against an air strike almost force Israel to consider a preemptive nuclear strike. It is just a matter of time now.

Bottom line: When Iran was in turmoil following the fraudulent reelection of the Ayatollahs' current puppet, Obama had an opportunity to support a popular movement that could have moved Iran from it's present course of self destruction. Obama passed and did so while claiming that he did not want to interfere in Iran's internal affairs. So much for that Nobel Peace Prize.

ic said...

"And the young will flee Greece for a country where there are actual jobs available for them."

Oh, where, oh where could "where" be?

After a couple of more years of Obama, "where" is not "here".

mark said...

Which mistake by Dr. Paul? If he believes govt. has no place in telling private businesses who they must serve (and recent and past statements indicate he does), should he say it was a "mistake", or should he stick to his principles?
When he feels rested enough to take questions, I'd like to know about his statement that Obama is un-American for criticizing BP. People can (and will) call out the president over his handling of the spill, but why "un-American"?
"Sometimes accidents happen"? Besides the environmentas damage and jobs lost, eleven people died. I know libertarians want minimal govt. intervention, but I didn't realize it was for no accountability.
Absent any ideas of their own, repubs will gladly take the upside of the tea***ger support. They'll have to deal with the downside.

alex said...

It's really not fair to call tea-partiers libertarian, or Rand Paul for that matter. They may be radically conservative economically, but I don't hear either expressing libertarian viewpoints on any other issues.

tfhr said...


mark doesn't really believe they're Libertarians, he just gets hot and sweaty typing "tea***ger". I think it must be like that "tingle" thing Chris Matthews says he gets up his leg when he thinks longingly about President Obama.

tfhr said...


I think if you check Paul's comments, he takes offense at the phrase "boot on the neck" or "boot on the throat", with respect to the White House's choice of words used to describe how they intend to hold BP accountable. (I've noticed they tend to swap accountable with responsible rather easily though they can be rightly or wrongly mutually exclusive)

BP has not made any claims to this point that suggest that they will not pay for the clean up, so why the use of violent imagery from our government's executive branch? Can "capitalist running dogs" be far behind?