Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cruising the Web

Marc Ambinder is angry that no one in our government seems to have the responsibility to "connect the dots" to protect us from a terrorist attack. You might think that that was the task of the National Counterterrorism Center, but nyah...we still don't have any one government entity with that responsibility.

Jay Cost explains why the Democrat's victory in the Pennsylvania special election shouldn't be read by Democrats as a sign that they are not in danger this fall. This is not simply an "anti-incumbent" year.

Surprise! Provisions in the health care reform bill that were supposed to help small businesses....don't.

Nina Easton exposes SEIU for their personal protests targeted at the homes and families of any executives who work for a company that the union is trying to unionize. And they seem to be successful in intimidating police from arresting them as they trespass and harass the households and families of the corporate executives they've decided to target.

Walter Shapiro went in search for the anger and ugliness at tea party gatherings in support of Rand Paul and finds instead voters in search of some authenticity from their political representatives.

A friend of mine is working on the campaign of a nurse, Renee Elmers, running for the Republican nomination to oppose Representative Bob Etheridge. Check out her site.

Barack Obama ran on a platform for change. Now that is the message opponents are using against him. What goes around....


mark said...

Not sure if tea*****ers can count on authenticity from Rand Paul. Like a true politician, he creates a mess for himself and then blames others (in this case the media) for his stupidity. I haven't seen a politician whiff on such a simple question since Palin froze when asked what newspapers she reads. And in the end, he sold out his principles.

Pat Patterson said...

Obviously mark did not pay much attention to the link in his eagerness to mount his newest hobby horse. Most of the article was about Kentucky politics, mainly Mitch McConnell, and very little to do with Rand Paul. Especially having absolutely nothing to do with his idiotic equivocating on the Civil Rights Act.

tfhr said...


I see you're still tickling the limits on that pejorative, you clever tongued Democratic. (Are we allowed to say Dem*****, as long as it's not in front of "Party"?)

Pat Patterson said...

If mark is using the stars as substitutes then obviously he can't count.