Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cruising the Web

Dr. Scott Gottlieb explains how insurance companies, particularly those catering to people who don't get their insurance through their jobs, and doctors are adjusting to adapt to Obamacare. And the result means less choice for consumers. Forget those promises about how you can keep your health care plans under Obama's reform law. Things are already changing.

Plaintiffs who are bringing nuisance suits under questionable claims of damage from global warming are finding that they can get whole swaths of the judiciary to recuse themselves because they might hold stocks in some company that emits carbon.

The new resume enhancer to get a job on Wall Street is to be able to play a mean hand of poker.

Megan McArdle wonders why
university faculty treat their adjunct colleagues so terribly. She contrasts the leftist professors who deride labor policy by private employers and then glory in their own tenured jobs while building education programs dependent on exploited adjuncts.

More and more doctors in Texas are opting out of Medicare. Just imagine how this trend will increase as Obamacare kicks in.

Bless 'em. In my state of North Carolina, unions and college students are working together to get their own candidates on the ballots to challenge three Democratic congressmen who dared to vote against Obamacare. If they want to create their own party to challenge the Democrats from the left, North Carolina Republicans will, I'm sure, be happy to sign their petitions to get their guys on the ballot.

This is a fantastic story of a guy who lied his way into Harvard by submitting forged claiming that he was transferring from MIT as well as forged recommendations and SAT scores. He even won English prizes and research grants at Harvard. Now he's been exposed, so he probably won't get that internship at a psychiatric hospital that he's applied for. You can't make this stuff up. Or maybe you can.

Poor dear. Jeremiah Wright is complaining about how Obama threw him under the bus. It's crowded down there, Reverend. At least you won't be lonely under Obama's bus.

John Crudele has some trenchant questions for the Census Bureau. Are they phonying up their numbers of how many people they've hired by hiring greater numbers of people and giving them only a few hours of work so that they can post up better employment numbers?

Jonah Goldberg contrasts the outrage that greets imagined racial slights on America's campus with the lack of response to the UC San Diego student who got up at a talk by David Horowitz and proudly proclaimed her support for Hamas and Hezbollah and their mission to liquidate all the Jews in Israel. The university is proud of fostering a climate of discourse and debate so support for genocide doesn't bother them.


Bachbone said...

I'll bet doctors in Texas are the canaries in our Obamacare mine.

Many years ago, when the university my wife taught at checked on another prof's MFA from Yale, it was found to be fake. An investigation at Yale discovered a clerk in the records department was forging grades, diplomas and anything else he could access - for a fee. If it could happen at Yale, why not anywhere?

What struck me about (the short clip I saw of) the interaction between Horowitz and the female Arab student was there was absolutely no reaction, from the rest of that audience, to her saying she was "for" Hezbollah hunting down and eliminating every Jew (if necessary, because they couldn't all be eliminated at once in Israel). Amazing. Frightening. Definitely sickening.

Pat Patterson said...

I've talked to a couple of people that actually were in the audience who said that quite a few people booed the young lady but that her mike had been turned off and that they werealso very surprised of how little background noise was picked up on the YouTube clip.