Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cruising the Web

Mickey Kaus notes that New York City just releases inmates at Rikers Island who are here illegally and should be deported because the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) hasn't been doing their job of transferring the detainees within the required 48 hours. So the city lets them go. Kaus adds, "Where would Arizonans get the idea that Janet Napolitano's ICE isn't serious about enforcing the immigration laws in even the more obvious cases?"

Robert Samuelson believes
that, with Greece's collapse, we're seeing the "death spiral of the welfare state." The time of reckoning is coming for all these countries that have promised generous health and retirement benefits to its elderly population without being able to pay for it. We will all be Greeks one day.

How cozy. The lady appointed by Obama to run "Cash for Caulkers" happens to be married to an executive in a window company that lobbied for the bill and will benefit from the policy. How convenient. Whatever happened to the Democrats' concern about the mere "appearance of impropriety?"

Benjamin Plotinsky writes over at City Journal
about the increasingly religious overtones of liberals' ideology whether it is their approach to environmentalism or their idolatrous attitude towards Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign. While this is an observation that has been made by quite a few analysts, it is still a very disturbing trend.

Barack Obama has to decide how much to help Charlie Crist in his run for the Senate as an independent. He may have more of a chance to win and would perhaps support Democratic policies in the Senate, but can Obama really ignore the only black Democratic candidate for the Senate, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Kendrick Meek?

With Fannie and Freddie announcing losses that total $19 billion that taxpayers are on the hook for, the Democrats' deliberate refusal to include the two in their supposed financial reform package is a very telling bit of neglect.

Shouldn't Justice Kennedy feel rather insulted that the Obama administration thinks that his opinions are going to be swayed by a new and friendly colleague who has zero judicial experience? The Obama administration is quite open in its belief that Elena Kagan will be able to persuade Anthony Kennedy to her point of view due to her friendly personality. Do they really think she will be more persuasive than the reportedly very kind and motherly Ruth Bader Ginsburg or the friendly and garrulous Steven Breyer? The whole premise doesn't make much sense and is demeaning to the liberal justices on the Court as well as Justice Kennedy.

Peter Brown of Quinnipiac polling suggests that the manner in which Democratic policy initiatives resemble European policies could come back to bite them in the fall as Americans absorb the severity of Europe's economic problems.