Monday, May 10, 2010

Cruising the Web

Another problem with the vagueness of how the Obamacare law was drafted. It all depends on what "grandfathered" means.

One of the least bipartisan presidents of recent time is angering congressional Democrats by his "Washington is broken" rhetoric. They want him to blame Republicans more.

Debra Saunders explains
how supporting the Arizona immigration law can be good politics.

With the news that the President is going to nominate Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, I wonder about poor ol' Arlen Specter. He voted against her for Solicitor General back when he was a Republican. What is he going to do now that he is a Democrat and in a tough race with a real Democrat? The upside for Specter is that, by the time the nomination comes to a vote, he may well have already lost his primary fight against Joe Sestak. He'd be free to vote his conscience, if he can find it.

Even Eric Holder agrees that the Arizona law is not racist.

Randall Hoven looks at our nation's debt and concludes that the looming disaster that entitlement spending has always been has arrived. The "long run" has arrived.

Michael Barone looks at the lessons that our politicians can learn from the British elections. The voters just don't like any of the parties. Sound familiar?

Tom Maguire notes that Eric Holder wants to limit Miranda rights for those suspected of terrorism. How do you craft a law that applies to some suspects but not others beyond the public safety exception that was used for the Times Square bomber? As Maguire writes,
They told me if I voted for McCain that alleged terrorists would have no rights. And they were right!
....Should we deny Miranda rights to people arrested for kidnapping or child molestation? Why does Obama draw the line at terrorism - does the public really want to see the leader of a pedophile ring Mirandized?

From a different direction, Holder gave the Black Panthers a pass on their voter intimidation case in Philadelphia. Why would righties want to give this politicized Attorney General more power and discretion?