Saturday, May 08, 2010

Cruising the Web

How nice of the local Illinois media. The CBS affiliate in Chicago has informed Republican Senatorial candidate Mark Kirk that they're sick of his talking so much about his opponent, Alexi Giannoulias's scandal at Broadway Bank, and don't intend to cover his attacks any more. After all, scandal involving a Democrat running a bank into the ground and then becoming State Treasurer and creating a mess out of the state's finances should be out of bounds. After all, it isn't like Illinois is having a financial meltdown or anything. That's the Chicago way.

Morton Kondracke sounds a mite bit exasperated with President Obama bashing industry one day and then talking all friendly-like the next day about how we need to end rhetoric that divides us.

Who knew that we were living through a "Betty White" moment?

Here's a quick explanation of what went wrong in Greece. And what other countries and states here in the U.S. should learn from Greece. "Greece shows that the welfare state model of development, dominated by public unions, onerous regulations, high taxes and the political allocation of capital, has hit the wall. Down that road lies more Greek tragedy." Hint: that's not good.

Bob Owens examines how the media seems to relish any slight or imagined attack on Democrats but then downplays any threats to Republicans. Ruminations on possible violence from tea party rallies receive hours of air play but the calls for violence or actual violence at May Day rallies are glossed over.

Prince William County School Boards goofed in computing how to tally up the make up hours for the missed school days that they lost this year due to snow. They forgot, despite being warned in March, that recess doesn't count as instructional time. They should be condemned to doing some extra math problems.

Ah, another surprise from Obamacare. Expect tax filings to sky rocket as firms realize that, under the new rules, they will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to their employees, but any individual or corporation from which they buy more than $600 in one year. They'll have to gather names and tax identification numbers for every single vendor that they do business with. There will be millions more forms that will need to be filed. Just what small businesses need.

James Postell of the Heritage Foundatio
n laments that Congress has delegated legislative powers to bureaucratic agencies. He's exactly right that we have created so many agencies that wield legislative, executive, and judicial powers. And Obamacare just expanded the reach and powers of the administrative state.

Egyptian Islamist lawyers want to ban the Arabian Nights. They object to its call to "vice and sin."

The principal at Live Oak High School in California has apologized for telling five students that they couldn't wear T shirts with the American flag on them. Now he has to decide what to do with 200 Hispanic students who skipped classes and staged a walkout chanting "we want respect" and "si se puede." Yup, that's the way to earn respect.

In Buffalo, homeowners are receiving a bill for a tax that was passed in 1976 and abolished a year later. And they're being billed for interest. Even the mayor didn't know that the bills were going out. What fun in Buffalo.


ic said...

"Expect tax filings to sky rocket ..."

Wouldn't it be much better to just pay a few thousand bucks of taxes for each worker you employ, and let Uncle give you "free" healthcare, dear?

Bachbone said...

Kondracke doesn't believe Obama is a socialist. What would he call a politician whose every policy, program and move since assuming office, despite telepromptered rhetoric, have been socialistic? What would Kondracke call that politician when his unguarded moments, taped and in his own words, reveal his true aims, such as spreading the wealth, single-payer health care, skyrocketing utility costs, etc.? Kondracke seems to have a very serious case of tunnel vision.

Pat Patterson said...

WBBM, the CBS affiliate, has been trailing by large amounts in the local ratings for news and all other programming for almost twenty years. It knuckled under to a Jesse Jackson led boycott a few years ago and not only paid him to go away but also agreed to strict hiring quotas. Salaries are currently being paid by Summer Redstone and the CBS Corporation. It appears the company is for sale and basically has no coporate philosophy except to boost ratings enough that when the affiliate s sold it can pay off its loans.

But part of the current problem is that WBBM sent a reporter out to interview Kirk and when his opponents name came up the reporter didn't know who Alexi Giannoulias was or what party he represented. This made the evening news on the other channels for a week.

There is a rumour that WBBM also is in default to Broadway Bank and is afraid that the loan may be called by the government. But I've found nothing reliable to confirm that charge.