Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cruising the Web

Ah, once again economics works. Florida places a whopping big tax on boats registered in their state. It is a tax that is more than 100 times what it costs to register the boat in some other state or the Cayman Islands. So what do you bet that people do when it comes to the time to buy and register their boats? This luxury tax on the rich is rebounding to hurt people in Florida who aren't getting jobs working in an industry that is being taxed out of the state. It might be satisfying to put a huge tax on a luxury good, but the ones who are hurt aren't the rich.

Hotline reports that
Democratic turnout in Tuesday's primaries was quite dismal. I had noticed that only about 50,000 more people voted in the very competitive Democratic primary to pick a challenger to Senator Richard Burr than voted in the Republican primary where Burr was basically uncontested. In Ohio, where there was a competitive primary there was a 200,000 dropoff from 2006 when the incumbents running didn't have serious primary opponents. You think that enthusiasm for Democrats might be drying up?

How much will this really hurt Arizona? SEIU and LaRaza are going to boycott the state to protest its new immigration law.

Daniel Pipes wonders why so many commentators are mystified by what the motive could be to blow up Times Square. How can we win a struggle if leaders are so reluctant to name the enemy that wants to kill us?

Hmmm. It's not a good idea to have the Chief of Staff of the Department of the Interior take a vacation white-water rafting in the Grand Canyon while his department is responsible for coordinating the federal actions in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember all those leaders of our national security who went on vacation after the Christmas Day bombing attempt. Just not good timing.

When the FBI put Faisal Shahzad's name on the no-fly list, they asked the TSA not to pick up the phone and call the airlines to alert them that a new name had been added to the list.

The Washington Post is trying
to sell Newsweek which lost $28 million last year. Why doesn't the Democratic Party buy it since it already seems to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrats?

Despite brave words from the Democrats, David Obey's announced retirement will add one more tough battle for the Democrats to maintain a seat thought to be safe. The leading Republican candidate was once on MTV's "The Real World." That will be a first.

Voters don't seem to be buying the teachers union's big effort that Toledo, Ohio needed a tax increase in order to get more money for the schools. Voters seemed to catch on that, with spending an average of $10,000 per student, more money isn't the solution. Two-thirds of Tuesday's voters voted against the tax increase.

Why are the Democrats so resistant to reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? They blocked all efforts to reform the two companies before our financial meltdown. And they didn't include any such reform in their much touted Senate financial package. NOw Senators McCain, Shelby, and Gregg are proposing an amendment to that package. We'll see if the Democrats will even allow a vote on the amendment much less support the reform. We'll see if they're really serious about preventing any more bailouts.