Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cruising the Web

James Taranto notes the different treatments by Associated Press of the violent riot in Santa Cruz by marchers in a pro-immigrants march and the way that AP treated protesters of ObamaCare. There is quite a difference in assumptions and tone.

Professor John B. Taylor of Stanford suggests
that we should scrap Dodd's financial reform bill and instead adopt a new bankruptcy process for failed financial institutions. It makes sense. Let's avoid any chance that the federal government will be on the hook for more bailouts.

Thomas Sowell puts forth his theories to explain the black on Asian violence in San Francisco.

A new study says that Congress passes too many vague laws. Ya think? They're writing laws in terrible rushes and then having to find suitable language to get enough votes. They don't seem to care about possible errors or vague language. They'd just prefer to leave it to bureaucrats to muddle through to figuring out how to enforce it. It's a safe prediction that we're going to be finding out about dozens more of such "vague" or ill-written provisions in the health care bill.

The Associated Press casts doubt on the Obama administration's claims that they have been fully engaged from "Day One" to the BP oil rig explosion. But not to worry: Janet Napolitano is in charge of this emergency also. That should allay all anxiety.

Ah, another piece of evidence that the federal government hasn't been as on top of the BP oil spill as they'd like to pretend. Why, despite a federal plan calling for them, are fire booms still not in place in the Gulf?