Monday, May 03, 2010

Cruising the Web

Here's a nice change a pace: The Metropolitan Museum of Art believes that one of their works that they thought was done by lesser known Renaissance artists is actually the work of Michelangelo.

Democrats are all upset that the History Channel is allowing a group led by Joel Surnow, the man who brought us "24," to produce a mini-series about the Kennedys. They are all bothered that the mini-series will depict JFK's private life. In other words, they are not gliding over JFK's extremely active sex life. Some liberal historians want the History Channel to rewrite the mini-series. Hmmm, were these historians equally upset at how Hollywood has portrayed Republicans including Nixon, Reagan, or George W. Bush?

The French are absolutely outraged and marching in the streets about Sarkozy's proposal to raise the age of retirement with full old-age pensions from age 60. They feel that, somehow, one of their basic human rights to retire at a full pension when they're 60 years old, rising deficits, declining birth rates be damned.

Britain's National Health Service is barring a hospital
from using potentially life-saving technology that can deliver radiotherapy with pinpoint accuracy to tumors even though the hospital has already purchased the machine. Their National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) hasn't yet even begun its study on the cost benefits of using the new technology, so the machine sits idle while patients wait for NICE to get around to writing up a report.

You want to buy a newspaper in the nation's capital? Sun Myung Moon is reportedly shopping around the Washington Times.

How cool is this? A British sniper set a world record by killing two Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan from more than a mile and a half away.

Two presidents in one! President Obama gave a commencement speech in which he sets up a strawman by criticizing those who say say that "all of government is inherently bad." Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is asking Barack Obama to cease and desist bashing Washington and talking about how Washington is broken because she feels that his tone doesn't do enough to include the Republicans in his blame game. I guess that he's the only one who is allowed to point the finger at Washington.

Ed Morrissey links to this devastating story from IBD about how the federal government created its own dust bowl devastating one of our richest agricultural areas of the country, California's central Valley. The federal government, following overblown concerns over the delta smelt and the need to divert water for salmon have cut off water to the valley. Now they've totally destroyed agriculture in the area with unemployment in some areas up to 45%. Say good-bye to our nation's almond production. And the Obama government has used water allocations as inducements to buy the votes of congressman from the area on health care. In a final irony, farm workers who are now getting handouts of food are receiving carrots grown in China when they are living right in the area that used to produce its own abundant carrot crop.