Sunday, May 02, 2010

A classy role model for students

A classy guy: the United Federation of Teachers president, Mike Mulgrew, repeatedly calls the Chancellor of New York City schools, Joel Klein, a "numbnuts." Governor Christie is a "butterball." Yup, that's real class. A model of reasoned debate to set for students.

And what really gets AFT and Mulgrew going is any hint that incompetent teachers might be let go in favor of keeping younger, better teachers.
Sources said Mulgrew announced at the convention that the union will run a Democratic primary fight against Manhattan Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, who has proposed a bill to curb the "last hired, first fired" provision that protects veteran teachers from layoffs. Mayor Bloomberg has warned layoffs might be necessary because of budget cuts.

Mulgrew revealed to the delegates he spoke to Bing, and that he told the assemblyman he's politically "dead to the union."
For this union leader, it's all about protecting verteran teachers, not making sure that the best teachers are the ones in the classrooms. I guess being concerned about budgets and making sure that students have the best teachers available is something only numbnuts care about.