Friday, April 30, 2010

Cruising the Web

The Kennedy family goes hyperbolic at the approval of a wind farm off their compound at Hyannis Port.

Remember those scary 39% increases announced by California's Anthem Blue Cross a couple of months ago? Well, never mind. It turns out that they made "substantial mistakes" and "inadvertent miscalculations" and so they're withdrawing those rate hikes.

Why Democrats need to be worried about Grandma and Grandpa.

Noted First Amendment lawyers Floyd Abrams and Ira Glasser note that the ACLU has switched their traditional position on campaign finance regulations. They've chosen the "rhetoric of egalitarianism" over freedom of speech.

It's come to this: Rielle Hunter telling Oprah how John Edwards cheating on his wife with Hunter was part of his self actualization process. And she fully supported him in his process of getting to how he could "live a life of truth." Oh, barf. Is that going to be the new pick up line? Hey, big spender, let me help you in the process of living a life of truth?"

Michelle Malkin has some fun contrasting Obama's rhetoric of talking about how he said "I think at some point you have made enough money," with all the extremely wealthy people who have been able to earn big bucks after cashing in their public service experience as big-time lobbyists.

The Obama Justice Department might have a harder time than their demagoguery suggests in successfully challenging the new Arizona immigration law.

Larry Elder details some examples of what he calls the "Obama Double Standard Syndrome." The one that really sticks out for me is the contrast in how the media portrayed the so-called "jobless recovery" during the Bush years with how they're depicting the unemployment picture today, a year after the Obama stimulus plan was passed purporting to lower unemployment.

Charlie Crist is one day going to be the answer to a trivia question about which Florida politician blew his popularity so badly that he had to leave his party and pretend that he was running as an independent for the people's sake instead of out of hopes of salvaging his rapidly sinking political fortunes. Jim Geraghty details some of the remarkably bad judgment that Crist has demonstrated in the past year and a half. Why would anyone look at that record of political obtuseness and want to vote for the guy? He rivals Arlen Specter for his willingness to do anything in order to get elected.

And now the Democratic candidate for senator in Florida just got a wacky self-made billionaire as his rival in the primary.


John A said...

Oh my. Via other blogs, two more things about the AZ "immigration papers" law.

First, AZ is changing some of the language so non-lawyers can at least try to understand it. That should go aver well with lawyers -

Then, well, those people who have been yelling that asking for papers is unConstitutional, well, they want anyone - citizen or not - to carry ID at all times -

LarryD said...

legal Resident Aliens have been required to carry their Green Card with them since 1940.

Anyone who drives has to have a valid driver's license, and be prepared to present it if stopped.

Paying by check or credit card often requires showing the clerk a photo id, this is why states provide an id for those who don't drive.

So most people already carry a perfectly good id on them, a national id is unneeded. And it's advocates motives are suspect.