Monday, April 26, 2010

Cruising the Web

The American Spectator reports that the devastating report from the Medicare Office of the Actuary last week that exposed how phony the Democrats' promises of what their health care reform would cost and achieve was actually ready before the vote on the bill, but was held back because Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius realized how it exposed the Democrats' fantasies and lies about how the program would increase costs for most people. Nothing like being confused by the facts for these guys. And they certainly weren't going to allow their own actuaries release a report saying that all the critics of ObamaCare were actually, gasp, correct.

And now, recognizing that their bill would do nothing to keep down health care costs, the Democrats are already trying to prepare another bill to give states more power to impose price controls on insurance. They passed one huge bill, but that wasn't enough and now they're back for more.

The Washington Post calls
on the administration to cooperate with Senators Lieberman and Collins in their investigation into what warnings the FBI had had about Major Hasan before he went on a shooting spree killing 13 at Fort Hood. The two senators have a column today explaining why they want to investigate what went wrong beforehand. They're not interested in the criminal case against Hasan, but in finding out what went on in preventing this terrible story of home-grown terrorism.

The Teamsters and UPS are trying to get their Democratic allies to slip a new provision into the transportation spending bill to require FedEx to unionize. They can't stand it that FedEx employees have rejected every attempt by the Teamsters to unionize their jobs. So, what they can't achieve by election, the Teamsters now want the government to mandate for them.

ABC has a story on what a cushy, but lonely job it is to be a Supreme Court justice. The poor boos feel isolated and they can't talk to others about what they're doing on the job. Of course, CIA agents might feel the same way, but they don't get paid over $200,000 a year and only have to work for nine months while having willing clerks to do all the distasteful work for them. I'm not shedding any tears for their tough jobs.

As we passed the 40th anniversary of Earth Day last week, it was a good time to think of the millions of people who have died because of the environmentalists crusade against DDT.

Have you seen those ads from General Motors bragging about how they paid back the government ahead of time for the TARP money lent them? Well, not so fast. Actually, the money that GM used to pay back the TARP funds came from another TARP fund set up for GM. Would you buy a used car from a company willing to spend millions of dollars on a PR campaign to lie to the American people?