Friday, April 23, 2010

Cruising the Web

In another more serious example of intimidation of satirists, Comedy Central caved to threats of Islamist violence in censoring South Park. Allahpundit posts that Comedy Central also censored South Park's ridicule of the cowardly censorship of Comedy Central.

If we're supposed to be so upset about a lack of transparency on Wall Street, what about all those politicians that Wall Street lobbyists are talking to? Of course, President Obama throws out his typical rhetorical trick of painting all opponents of legislation that he supports as being simply supporters of the status quo.

Meanwhile, why are Fannie and Freddie exempted from the Democrats' desire for more regulation of financial entities? Could it be because of all the evidence and videos of prominent Democrats such as Barney Frank and Barack Obama opposing any regulation of Fannie and Freddie before the crash of 2008?

One of Chris Christie's budget cuts was to cut out all of New Jersey's spending on global warming prevention. Boy, liberals are going to hate him even more. They're probably updating their Facebook statuses at this very moment.

Atlantic Magazine has a long story
of how the FBI and the media tormented and ruined the life of Steven J. Hatfill by being very public in their suspicions that he was behind the 2001 anthrax attacks. It's eerily similar to how they went after Richard Jewell and falsely implicated him in the bombing of the Atlanta Olympics. Now the FBI think that the real culprit for the anthrax attacks was a different scientist, Bruce Ivins who has since committed suicide. The accusations of Ivins received so much less attention than those against Hatfill. I bet many of you remember Hatfill's name, but had little idea about Ivins.

Even more evidence of how public-sector unions are bankrupting the country. For more evidence, watch this video of public employees, including teachers, rallying in Illinois for tax increases so that they can get salary increases. Illinois' pension liabilities have increased four times what they were a decade ago. But the public employees don't care that this is an impossible situation that is bankrupting their state. Watch this union member chant "Think of the children." "Give up the bucks! Where's the cash? We need it bad." Marvelous.

Byron York notes that ObamaCare is still not as popular as Democrats thought it would be once it passed that the administration has hired a special assistant to flack for its health care policies.

Kimberley Strassel argues
that the real split in the GOP is between those brave politicians who are willing to argue for massive reform of entitlements and those Republicans who want to stick to the same ol' rhetoric to continue an unsustainable system.