Friday, April 16, 2010

Cruising the Web

After a long negotiation and much terrible publicity, New York City has reached a deal with the teacher unions to drop the rubber rooms where teachers accused of misconduct with students would be paid to sit in a room and do nothing. Now they'll be paid to stay home and do nothing.

Parents in Hawaii are fed up with all the furlough days in schools that Hawaii has had to adopt because of huge budgetary problems. This will soon be coming to a state near you.

In Britain, you can be arrested for carrying a Swiss Army Knife. Yup, that will surely stop crime, won't it?

CATO demonstrates that RomneyCare is unfortunately quite close to ObamaCare. That does not bode well for Romney's quest for the presidency.

Obama tries to play word games with the tax pledges that he made during the campaign.

The Supreme Court will be hearing an intriguing case
next week concerning whether public universities are violating religious group's freedom of association by forcing them to accept members who don't believe in their religion's tenets of faith.

Here's a question
I've actually wondered about: why don't the same civil liberties groups who challenge any link between government and religion challenge the National Cathedral.