Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cruising the Web

Should the Navy really name a ship after Jack Murtha, considering that Murtha recklessly accused Marines in Iraq of massacring women in children in cold blood?

The aptly named Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics analyzes how bad the 2010 election could really get to be for the Democrats. When you consider the bad economy, the Democrats' controversial agenda, plus the fact that the Democrats have won two previous wave elections which extended them into districts where their members don't match the ideological make up of the district, things could indeed get quite bad.

What ObamaCare says about health care for illegal immigrants already in this country.

Labor unions are looking to bring
down moderate Democrats who voted against some of the issues they've supported such as ObamaCare. In my state, North Carolina, they're trying to organize a third party to challenge such Democrats. Unlike most of their agenda, this is something I fully support. Go ahead and do just what the Republicans would love to see - divide the support for Democrats and give the GOP a clear shot to retake those seats.


Shane said...

Betsy - another thought about the unions making up a third party - they take their money with them, as well as their "volunteers". I fully support a third party movement...on the left!

Wright said...

USS John Murtha - kind of gags the throat to say it, in a manner similar to the submarine USS Jimmy Carter. The tragic irony is that the function of an LPD, or Amphibious Transport Dock, is to carry Marines to the landing beaches. The very Marines that POS Murtha slandered.
I have long opposed the naming of ships for politicians - Forrestal, Stennis, Reagan, Kennedy, Carter, etc. Carriers were once named for famous ships of the line, Enterprise, Hornet, Ranger; LPDs were named after cities - I was a plankowner on LPD-3, USS LaSalle. This proposed name sickens me.

ic said...

USS John Murtha -- to commemorate a thoroughly corrupt politician? How low have we sunk in this era of Hope&Change?!

tfhr said...

The "USS John Murtha" certainly has a ring to it and I would support it heartily if it were a prison ship for crooked Congressmen. Maybe some day they could rename it "USS Boondoggle" and use it to block the runaway on the John Murtha airport.

This decision, on the part of the Secretary of the Navy, is an insult to all service members, particularly Marines, and their families.

I'm with Wright - capital ships should not be named after politicians though I can understand the attraction for ships named after Washington and Lincoln. There is too much sentiment incorporated into these names - good and bad - and I'd say that such sentiment does impact the procurement process as advocates and detractors fight their pissy little squabbles in the budget committees.

I've always admired the Navy's emphasis on tradition but this is one they let get away.

Pat Patterson said...

And in this case Mabus has gone against traditional naming for LPDs a second time. The San Antonio class ships, except for the recent USS America, have all been named after US cities. The logical thing to do would have been to honor him by naming her after a city in his district and invited his family to the christening.

tfhr said...

Pat Patterson,

That would have been better but I'd rather see a class of prison ships that convert back and forth to hospital ships as the population of Obamacare insurance evaders rises and falls and rises and falls....