Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cruising the Web

Surprise, surprise. The Obama administration's rhetoric on school reform doesn't match its actions. They're still spending billions to reinforce the status quo.

Mary Katharine Ham skewers Chuck Schumer
for wanting to insert government regulation to stop airline fees for carry-on bags. She's exactly right. Let the free market take care of it.

The Democrats are readying their legislative response
to the Citizens United decision. Regardless of whether the Supreme Court would regard their bill as unconstitutional limitations on freedom of speech, they think it would make a super-duper campaign issue this fall.

Peter Wehner has some advice
for Republicans of how to counter what is sure to be President Obama's attempt to cast them as the real budget busters if they refuse to sign on to tax increases.

More rumors of Charlie Crist's allies
urging him to run as an independent. He would have to decide by April 30.

Get ready for the government shut down of 2011.