Friday, April 09, 2010

Cruising the Web

Andrew Cline exposes how often Michael Steele throws out the race card to imply that Republicans and others are criticizing or expecting more from him because he is black. I don't like that talk from Democrats and it's unbearable to hear it from the head of the RNC.

Abigail Thernstrom notes that President Obama checked off the Census box to identify himself as black rather than recognizing his mother's contribution to his heritage and checking off that he was also white. Forget that language from his 2004 convention speech about there being no black and no white America and his campaigning in Kansas talking about his grandparents. When it comes to his racial identity, he's wiped out their contribution. What a missed opportunity for him to demonstrate to America in this small way how to embrace both heritages.

Here's an inspiring story of a small charter school in inner city Chicago with a student body of African American males managed to get all its seniors accepted to college.

Kimberley Strassel reports
on Republican efforts to match the Democrats' accomplishments in forming independent groups to funnel huge amounts of money into the party's election efforts. Amazing how all our campaign finance reforms took the big money out of elections, isn't it?

Charles Krauthammer explains
the fatuousness of Barack Obama's smug new policy on nuclear deterrence while David Satter explains why the new treaty signed in Prague is really an empty gesture. Claudia Rosett piles on.

Mark Steyn skewers Canada's proud denials of free speech. They're even threatening comics now for their jokes if the jokes are not politically correct. Be thankful for our First Amendment protections, while they last.


tfhr said...

I've never understood why Obama and his media supporters have persisted in promoting the inaccurate claim that he is black rather than being of mixed race.

What is wrong with acknowledging his parentage? I think he owes them the compliment. To do less is to also deliver a backhanded slap to all people of mixed racial parentage. I've read that the "white" side of his family also includes Native American ancestry. Are we sweeping that under the rug as well?

In a perfect world, Obama should have checked the box labeled "Other" and filled in the blank next to it with "Human". That's what I did and it's what I do for all government forms that ask this question. I'm not saying I'm perfect - given the "perfect world" preface above - just human.

Bachbone said...

Steele seems to have a great future with the DNC.

Obama's election obviously hasn't eliminated the Left's belief that this is a racist nation or its reliance on racial politics, but I wonder if it has finally eliminated many white voters' guilt feelings about slavery.

Joe said...

I hope you're right but I sincerely doubt that very many white voters have gotten over their white guilt yet. It might take the bankruptcy of the country by way of all the racial earmarks and entitlements to get them there.

ic said...

harter school: Urban Prep ... operates outside union rules and requires an enormous time commitment from its teachers.

David said...

I agree with Mark Steyn. I've never understood why Canada is so proud about banning speech. My personal opinion is that all speech, even potentially racist or hate-filled speech like on DirtyPhoneBook should be legal.

Why not let freedom reign?

Freedom benefits everybody.