Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cruising the Web

David Freddoso outlines five things that we've learned about Obamacare after it passed. Nothing good, of course.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a fascinating story yesterday about the prejudice facing black conservatives who have joined in the tea party movement. Apparently, liberals think that blacks should all think uniformly as liberals. Whites are allowed to have different opinions, but blacks are denied that freedom of opinion. And when there are those individuals who have formed opinions different from the liberally-approved line, they face true racist insults. Imagine that. Who are the true racists? What do liberals have to say to explain 37 blacks running for Congress as Republicans?

I don't usually put much stock in polls, particularly six months out from elections, but Michael Barone points to an interesting result from a recent Rasmussen poll. More people say they think the ideas of the tea party movement are closer to their own than say that President Obama's positions are.

Dorothy Rabinowitz explains away the myths that have grown up about how Muslims in America are being victimized. Tom Hanks should pay attention.

For all his campaign rhetoric, Obama certainly seems to appreciate and use the war powers that Bush developed.

Eliot Spitzer
wants to come back. Please, no.