Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crist vetoed the merit pay bill for teachers

Hmmm, I guess that Charlie Crist has just given up all hope of winning the GOP primary in Florida. He vetoed the bill that the Florida legislature had passed that would have instituted merit pay for teachers and tied raises to student performance. It would have phased out tenure for incoming teachers and established bonuses for those who taught in low-performing schools or who helped students improve. The unions are excited and proud for Charlie.

I'd like the teachers unions to explain for everyone why they should be guaranteed tenure. What is so very special about their job that they should be guaranteed employment, usually after just three to five years teaching? I teach in a charter and gave up tenure in the regular public schools to come here. It was the best career decision I ever made. Most charters don't offer tenure and I'd like to hear why giving the principals the flexibility to get rid of poor teachers is such a terrible thing.


Tacitus Voltaire said...

guess that Charlie Crist has just given up all

the new republican party - against all democrats and most republicans

official teabagger list of liberals to be condemned to perdition:

bush (both father and son)

now lets see, who did i forget? hmmmnn...

Tacitus Voltaire said...

see, here is a typical teabagger post that showed up on one of our progressive blogs:

Boehner, Cantor & Pence. Next November new leadership for the House. Get used to those names, you'll be hearing them every day as we take back our country and take back our government's financial responsibilities. Nothing will be off the table. Social Security, Medicare, all welfare programs. Repeaingl and replacing Obama's socialized medicine monstrosity is #1 on the chopping block.

i'm sure you'll find the republican leadership proposing to repeal social security and medicare soon (/sarcasm off)

and then there are the "birthers", and people who think that obama is a muslim, that Betsy denounced as "idiotic". or was it "moronic"? oops - i wonder if there were any of them in Betsy's audience??? i wonder how this apparantly very large portion of the teabag crowd feels when they hear republicans like Betsy and Palin denounce and disown them.

now, pat will surely pipe up and tell me that the teabag movement is crawling with nasty paulistas. it must be, since so many of them manage to get organized and dominate the conservative meetings and straw polls. pat has declared that part of the teabag movement persona non grata as well. i wonder who's left?

surely not the partisans of that flip-flopping liberal romney! you only have to peruse the pages of the number one conservative blog, free republic, to see the continual drumbeat, "don't trust romney! he's not a real conservative!"

these notices are apparantly sponsored by the free republic blogmeisters themselves

pretty soon we might be treated to the same spectacle we witnessed in 1994 - the republican party ending up like the dog that finally caught the car it was chasing - teeth sunk in the bumper, wondering what to do next

tfhr said...


Do you do a lot of tea bagging? Perhaps that is something you like to share with your friends. I ask because you seem so at ease with that very rude term. Hint: If you want to discuss politics, stick to politics. If you want to discuss tea bagging, go see Anderson Cooper, as I believe he was among the first to carry that particular habit to the public air waves.

Pat Patterson said...

Yeah, the Ron Paul supporters were so organized that they lost to a guy that wasn't even there. Besides don't you want who you think is the weakest candidate or are you confused as to who exactly is running this year and for what office?

Plus Free Republic is certainly not the most visited conservative site, especially suffering a large drop off in visitors and posters in 2008, when the webmaster banned many commentators. Just like Firedoglake and Huffington Post. Outliers all.

Pat Patterson said...

Also the latest rankings of conservative sites shows Fox News and WSJ as the first and second most visited while Free Republic was number eight.

But is its from TV I'm sure that we can all forgive him as what are a few facts between friends.

Tacitus Voltaire said...

Fox News and WSJ are blogs now?

no detail is too small for you guys to completely miss the main points over

Tacitus Voltaire said...

yay! the tea bag movement is a grass roots mass outpouring that anybody can join!! yay! freedom! voluteerism! it is not controlled or astroturfed!!!

Organizers of tax-day tea parties are preparing for their biggest day of the year Thursday, as thousands of demonstrators participate in local rallies against high taxes and big government spending.

But the leaders are striving to keep the rallies from presenting another image: one of fringe groups, extremists or infiltrators obsessed with hateful messages.

Sensitive that poor public perception could sink their movement, some rally planners have uninvited controversial speakers, beefed up security and urged participants to pack cameras to capture evidence of any disrupters

the tax day demonstration in washington will show our MASSIVE grassroots stre

A day earlier organizers downplayed expectations, saying only about 5,000 to 10,000 people were expected to show up because they have encouraged people across the country to cultivate protests in their hometowns.

The crowd at the earlier of two rallies scheduled for Thursday was not a huge one by Washington, D.C., standards, coming in at about 3,000 to 4,000 people.


Tacitus Voltaire said...


The Guardian, Monday 17 February 2003 02.01 GMT

Last night's protest in San Francisco was the last in a weekend of American mass demonstrations.

In New York on Saturday organisers counted 400,000 demonstrators who, forbidden by a court order from marching, rallied within sight of the United Nations amid heavy security. They were joined by the South African archbishop Desmond Tutu, and actors Susan Sarandon and Danny Glover.

equitus said...

Yeah, like the Democratic party is a real big tent. (/sarc)

TV has a new mission in life, apparently. It's important for folks like him to tear down and denigrate those things which he fears and cannot understand. What's most amusing is he seems to believe he can change minds with his drivel.

The human psyche is a fascinating thing. Thanks, TV.