Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How do you know Nancy's lying?

Well she's speaking in front of a microphone so that might be a clue. Now she's claiming on Charlie Rose that the Democrats have the votes in the House to pass health care today.

And with all the pressure to get this passed right away so the members don't have to face angry constituents when they go home over Easter break, does anyone think that she wouldn't be bringing this up if she did indeed have the votes? She'd be standing up there at the podium smiling and wielding her big gavel as if she were the Queen of the Hill. Instead she is still grubbing around for votes and negotiating with the various Democratic groups who all want something different.

And if she had those votes would Louise Slaughter, the aptly named chairman of the House Rules Committee, be talking about some cockamamie new rule that she just made up out of whole cloth to say that the House could consider the Senate bill as having passed the House if they just voted the changes to the bill and wouldn't have to vote on the actual bill. Yup, you got it. She's considering bypassing that whole tiresome how a bill becomes a law rigmarole and just figure that they can wave their hands and proclaim a bill passed that wasn't actually voted on. Yeah, right. As if that would pass constitutional scrutiny. Desperation is making these people increasingly lame.

If you were a Democratic House member and you heard Pelosi's total lie or Slaughter's extra-constitutional daydreams, would you be encouraged to believe in any promise this bunch gave you about anything?